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Fullstack Web Developer (Ruby On Rails & Laravel) @, Freelancer @, Backend Web Developer (CodeIgniter PHP Framework) @, Backend Web Developer (Slim PHP Framework) @, Backend Web Developer (Laravel PHP Framework) @ GO-JEK Indonesia (Former Webteam), MGNet Swipe System (Former Team Research & Development).

Work History

Feb 2017Now

Full Stack Web Developer

Creating web application & RestfulAPI using :
1) Ruby On Rails 5
2) Docker as tool in development, deployment & production (
3) MongoDB & Replication PostgreSQL (
4) Nginx
5) Caching with Redis & Memcached
6) Push Notification
7) Schedule Cron Job (Sidekiq)
8) Deployment Tools (

Maintaining Virtual Machine (VM) :
1) Amazon Web Services (AWS), including EC2, S3, RDS, SES
2) OpenStack

Oct 2016Jan 2017

Backend Web Developer

Build Restful API Backend Web Application, including test unit:
1) TDD (Test Driven Development)
2) BDD (Behavior Driven Development)
3) Vulnerable & Penetration API Test for XSS-Attack, SQL-Injection, etc
Using Postman BDD & Newman.

Develop payment gateway API, using :
1) Midtrans (Veritrans)
2) Xendit
3) Doku

March 2016Sept 2016

Backend Web Developer

Web Developer at Arsitag (, Starting at March 15th, 2016.
Build RestAPI on the top of Slim PHP Framework.

Skills :
1) RestAPI dari Slim PHP Framework,
2) RDMS (Database) MySQL,
3) AWS (Amazone Web Service) S3
4) Cache Redis
5) Nginx
6) Ubuntu Cloud
7) Collaboration Team, repository tools (Bitbucket, Git, GitKraken)

Oct 2015Feb 2016

Backend Web Developer


Web Developer at GO-JEK Indonesia, Starting at October 23rd, 2015.
Based on Laravel PHP Framework 5.1

Nov 2014Dec 2016

Freelance Consultant &

Software & Hardware Development Freelance Consultant, focus on:
1) PHP Framework(Laravel) & Java Desktop
2) Integrated System with Mini PC(Raspberry Pi) & Microcontroller (Arduino)
3) Mobile Device(Android & Ubuntu) MGNet Platform at PT. Megaindo Gemilang Lestari(MG Electronics)

Jun 2005Sept 2016

Freelance Developer

Netbeans Platform

Freelance Java Developer Using Netbeans IDE and Netbeans Platform

What is Netbeans Platform?
The NetBeans Platform is a generic framework for Swing applications. It provides the" plumbing" that, before, every developer had to write themselves— saving state, connecting actions to menu items, toolbar items and keyboard shortcuts; window management, and so on.

The NetBeans Platform provides all of these out of the box. You don't need to manually code these or other basic features, yourself, anymore. See what some NetBeans-based applications look like. The platform does not add a lot of overhead to your application— but it can save a huge amount of time and work. The NetBeans Page1 Platform provides a reliable and flexible application architecture.

Your application does not have to look anything like an IDE. It can save you years of development time. The NetBeans Platform gives you a time- tested architecture for free. An architecture that encourages sustainable development practices. Because the NetBeans Platform architecture is modular, it's easy to create applications that are robust and extensible.

Who is Netbeans Platform Developer Communities?
Every developer who has and/or already using Netbeans Platform for their applications, every developer who want to move or migration development to Netbeans Platform, every developer who want to learn Netbeans Platform.

Official Website: 

Dec 2010Oct 2015

Remastering CentOS 5.5 at MGNet Operating System(MGNet OS)

Certified Remastering CentOS 5.5

Customize Operating System based on RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) Linux and CentOS (Community ENterprise Operating System) for running MGNet, a game system based on swipe.

May 2009Oct 2015

Software Development & MGNet System Trainer

Megaindo Gemilang Lestari(MG Electronics)

Software Development & MGNet System Trainer, a game system based on swipe.
Email: [email protected]

Mar 2011Oct 2015

TinyERP MGNet System (PHP Developer)

Zone 2000, Ramayana Makmur Sentosa

TinyERP MGNet System is an integrated gaming system, included stock, warehouse, crm(customer relationship management) and MGNet pcb board in online system.

TinyERP MGNet System had been implemented in Zone 2000, Ramayana Makmur Sentosa on 2012.

Email: [email protected] 

Apr 2015May 2015

Trainer & Technical Support, Unis

UNIS Smart Card System

UNIS Amusement Gaming System(UNIS Smart Card System)
Implementation on April 25th, 2015 at Molly Fantasy & Kidzooona,




Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung

Electrical Engineering (Electronics Division)