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I am  hard working person that takes pride in doing the best in what ever I do. I look forward to learnning new tasks, and working with a new team of people.

I have 10 years of forktruck experance, both ic rider, and eletric rider. The most recent was the eletric rider. It has been several years sence I used an ic rider.

I have execlent people skills.

I have coustomer service skills.

I have leadership skills.

I have execlent comunacation skills.

I have problem solving skills.

Work experience

Aug 2002Feb 2009



I was responsable for maintaning and operating compacting presses. I had to ensure that the product that I was produceing was in the coustomers specifaction. I also was responsable for placeing the finished product where it needed to be placed. I moved the product via forktruck, pilot jack, electric pilot jack. I also trained new emploies to run the machines, how to run each process, and where to find instructions on proper process for which each job is to be preformed.

May 2000Jul 2002

Operator, set up, trainner, line leader


I was responsable for placeing the emploies on the machines that the coustomers demaned run to fullfill the orders.

I was responsable to insure that the machines was properly running the product.

I was responsable for the empolies abality to operate the machenery.

I was responsable for secudeling overtime when needed to fulfill coustomers demand.

Feb 1999Jun 1999


Worked with coustomers, accepted there cash for the product that the coustomers was perchising. I ran a cash regester. Helped coustomers to find the product that they was looking for if they were unable to find it on there own.

Mar 1996Feb 1999


Jubliee Coffee House

Made coffee, capachino, and finger foods.

Order products needed.

Hire and evelate performace of staff.

Make bank deposites/ withdraws for the store.

Interview applicants


Mar 1997Jun 1999

High School Diploma

Trimble Co High School


following orders
problem solving