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Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Freelance Columnist


Submission of weekly columns related to technology. Mixture of reviews, suggestions, tutorials, and answers to reader questions. I enjoy writing and helping people, this column allows me to do both through one medium.

Dec 2009Present

Systems Administrator

Jan 2010Present

Adjunct Professor

Rend Lake College

At Rend Lake I was asked to return and teach Linux courses as a part time instructor. My course consists of hands-on server setup and maintenance. For this course, I have created challenging assignments and tests that involve real world application for the students.

Aug 2007Apr 2009

Network Support Specialist

Ecodigital Development Group

Ecodigital was the parent of no less than 5 subsidiaries. Primarily, EDG 'cleaned' sites contaminated via gas stations and other polluting businesses through one subsidiary - United Science Industries. I provided the USI campus technology support. Our 3-person group also supported Tactics Construction and Slingshot wireless.

Aug 2002Jun 2007

Technical Support Analyst

First Cellular

Self-taught GSM technology to the point of a position being created for my skill-set. Company purchased by Alltel in 2006. I was part of the group selected to stay to finalize transition until June 2007.


Aug 1992May 1996


Mount Vernon Township HS


Linux Desktop
My desktop Linux experience is primarily with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Kubuntu is the distribution that I use on my laptop for everyday work. This is also what we use as a family on our home desktop.
Windows Server Support
While at Ecodigital I was responsible for installing and making Windows Server 2003 usable for network applications including WSUS, SQL 2005, and Spiceworks services. At Rend Lake College I took the MCSE approved course covering Server 2003 as well.
Windows Desktop Support
Before my time at Ecodigital I supported my home PC using Windows XP. While at Ecodigital I was able to support 20-30 desktops that used a broad range of software.
Network cabling
While working at Ecodigital I had the opportunity to assist in cabling a new office. During this process I was able to run, terminate, and test Cat5 networking cable using male and punchdown terminations. I also took the Windows XP course designed for MCSE training.


Ross Bunton

Reported to directly while at Ecodigital Development. Ross can be contacted to comment on my work and responsibilities at Ecodigital.



I recently completed my Associate in Applied Science degree and received several certificates in addition to my degree. During my degree work, I spent my remaining time working with experienced professionals at Ecodigital Development Group. My Cisco Certified Networking Associate coursework is complete, however I elected not to take the CCNA exam at this time. My preference is to take the CompTIA certifications and complete the CCNA later if needed.

I would prefer to stay in southern Illinois or the metro-east Saint Louis area, however travel or relocation is definitely not out of the question. Personally, I would like to see where my career can take me professionally. Perhaps we will stay local and raise our family, or maybe we will travel and get to see the country and more.

If you would like more information about me, please do not hesitate to ask.


My interests are quite varied and sometimes contradict each other. For example, I love technology but enjoy living in a more rural setting. Maybe more people than I realize are like that given the increase in urban sprawl.

New information is a huge interest of mine. Whether I'm reading the latest wacky conspiracy theory or trying out a new MP3 player - it doesn't matter to me what type of information is presented. Learning new ideas or ways of doing something is what I crave.

I'm a big fan of open source software. If for no other reason than to allow more people to learn, open source is a great help to the world. Personally, I use mostly open source as much as possible.

As far as priorities, this is much higher, but my children are a great interest of mine. They are curious little sponges that I love to help grow. Their ideas and surprising grasp of new concepts amazes me.

Baseball. I prefer the St. Louis Cardinals, however nothing beats going to the ballpark and watching a game from the stands.