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Dvinz Oil & Gas,S.A

Oil And Gas Trading, Crude Oil Supply, Gas Control And Scheduling, Transportation Services, Risk Management,

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Dvinz Oil & Gas, S.A continues to expand its producer services foot-print by concentrating purchases from smaller to mid-sized producers. DOGSA enables its client companies to manage risk and take advantage of opportunities that exist in this volatile market place.

DOGSA offers a complete range of producer services, including timely and accurate payment details, contract administration services, transportation management, and an array of risk management tools.

Oil and gas producers are currently facing unprecedented market volatility and complex marketing conditions that are likely to exist into the foreseeable future. DOGSA is uniquely qualified and committed to meeting the changing demands of independent producers throughout Venezuela.

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Apr 1996Present

Oil And Gas Trading Company

Dvinz Oil & Gas,S.A
Our dedication to delivering high quality products and developing innovative solutions for oil and gas industry has made Dvinz Oil & Gas a cornerstone of oil and gas trading. Companies rely upon us to provide inventive answers to the unique challenges faced by such a dynamic industry. We have over 18 years of experience providing services in enhanced crude oil supply, and well injection services. Additionally, as a leading supplier of crude oil and gas, DOGSA is your one-stop partner for optimizing your oil and gas supply.
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Dvinz Oil & Gas,S.A
We continuously aspire to exceeding the needs of our clients first time and every time. We focus on meeting the requirements of our clients by providing them best complete supply solutions custom made for their every project. Doing business across borders successfully requires understanding of cultural and technical issues involved. Different specifications and performance criteria are often used in the country of destination and in the country of origin of products. We make it our mission to supply clients with products that meet their specification requirements and consult them to improve the quality of the products they deliver to their clients and minimizing their costs. It is our aim is to prolong this path by focusing on safety, our social responsibilities as a global citizen, as well as the environment.
Apr 1996Present

Dvinz Oil & Gas,S.A

We operate primarily as physical traders. We manage delivery of large quantity of crude oil every year. Arbitraging the differences in relative value between locations is a key part of our business as we ship products around the globe.

We also blend grades of products to meet customer’s specifications. For example, we blend to lower sulphur content for European market. We assemble boutique blends and fulfill specific customer requests in the US. 

The main objectives were to be cost effective and provide high-quality service. The tools and concepts to support these goals were relatively uncomplicated—from just-in-time delivery and vendor-managed inventory to collaborative planning, and replenishment. Back then, supply chain performance was continually improving, with most performance indicators registering satisfactory or better levels of cost, service, and inventory.

**Our commercial division commands a worldwide network of traders, operators, vessel  charterers, originators, and other personnel. Today’s logistics are such that a single crude oil molecule may be moved from wellhead to its ultimate refining center by truck, barge, pipe and tanker. Along the way, it may be aggregated and blended in storage tanks and terminals. We optimise the entire process and add value at every stage.



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