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I am focused on boardening my experience in Marketing Management. I was working as a Salesman for Finance, and Telecommunication company. I have been organising events and meetings, where I have learned a lot, but I really would like to develop my organising and management skills. Furthermore I believe myself a really creative person, not only I can handle problems with ease, but also I always have excellent, sometimes radical ideas to improve a product or sevice. Due to this ,my passion would be to gain a huge amout of costumers for the company. I have expertise in Finance and Economics, so also I can see myself in a position which is in connection with Finance and Business Management. Finally nowadays I am learning a lot about Social Media, because I think this part of the company portfolio is indispensable, therebly I am sure about that I am able to offer a helping hand.


Sep 2015May 2019

Marketing Management

VIA University College

This is a business programme which is going to improve my skills and develop my knowledge about  international marketing, business economics, sales and marketing communication, organisation and management, and business law.

Sep 2009May 2014

Economic and general baccalaureate

Budai Economics high school

Special subjects:

  • Statistics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Bookkeeping
  • Finance
  • Psychology (faculty)

Work experience

May 2015Aug 2015

IT Network Developer assistant

Telonet Kft.

We have developed and maintained telecommunicational and IT systems for Multinational and large companies.





We have given an opportunity for custumers to pay less for mobile and internet subscriptions all around the word.


Microsoft Office (Ecdl exam)

I have an ECDL exam , which prove that I am able to use, and apply:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Exel
  • Microsoft Power Point - Prezi presentation 
  • WebStarter
  • Web Browsing and Communication
  • Using Databases

Team working

When I have been working for GE and Telonet Kft. , I had to learn what does it mean to be a useful member of the team, work environment. 

Problem Solving

Most of the problems come from human personality, and I was learning psychology for two years. Therefore I can handle situations, arguements.

Strategic Thinking

I have red a huge amount of articles and books about this topic. I think I would be able to use in a real life.


I am insanely interested in architectures, buildings, practical solutions for everyday life, electronical things. I love design solutions. I am always gaining new ideas, new ways to see things. In the future I am sure about I will make a successful company from my ideas. I would be able to use this skill for makeing promotions for the company, and getting attention from the custumers.

Organizational skills

I have been learning a lot when i was working for GE, furthermore my education also touched this segment.

Touch typing

I have been studying for 2 years. This means that I am able to type such a fast way, correctly, without paying any attention.

Project/Change management

My studies include this part, and I feel myself very interested in it. I would like to get more knowledge in the future.

Analytical skills

As I know myself, and the others opinion are the same, I am insanely analytical person. Most of the time I listen to my brain not to my emotions. If I am interested about something, I always will make a deep research. I also red and learned about how to analyse companies, personalities, market situations. 

Presentation skills

I gained a lot of knowledge, when I was working as a salespeople, but even I would like to improve myself in this segment.



  1. Hungarian :
    My native language.
  2. English:
    IELTS B2 , Cambridge B2 ( Learning period 5 years )
  3. Spanish:
    I was learning in the High School for 2 years. ( I am impoving nowadays with my roommate.
  4. German:
    I have been learning for 9 years.