Duy Hung Le

  • Sint Gerardusplein 17, 5644NG , Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Duy Hung Le

Senior Year Student


As an international and highly multicultural student, I am ready to adapt to working environment. During my last 4 years, I managed to finish various business projects, web designs and  social event system projects. Utilizing exceptional managing as well as independent skill, I look forward to contributing my ability in managing, analyzing and designing to the team and company which hold my assignments.


Hard-working, team-player and enthusiastic student who is seeking for graduation internship opportunities to apply my ability to help your company achieved its goal.


Jan 2012 - Jan 2017

Bachelor of Information Communication Technology and Business

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

My first 2 year in the Netherlands, i decided to enter business field, however I realize that my passion is not only business but ICT also. Therefore, I have shifted the direction of my study path to the combination of these two.



R (programming language)

SAP ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning)

Statistics for Business Intelligence and Big Data


User Interface Design

Data Visualisation



Website Design (HTML/CSS, PHP)

Data Analysis

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office

Project Management

Personal Leadership

Work History

Work History
Aug 2015 - Feb 2016

Web Design Internship


Assisted company in re-design their web-shop which is selling fashion products, built on MAGENTO platform. Additionally, managed to deal with data relating to company stocks.


Sep 2012 - Present

Excellent Certificate in Six sigma exam at Yellow Belt

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Six Sigma Yellow Belt  is a professional who is versed in the basics of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology who supports improvement projects as a part of a team or conducts small projects on a part time basis. 

The Yellow Belt is only given for those student who got high score in the exam.

Aug 2013 - Present

Certificate Propaedeutic Year ( Business and ICT)

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

I fully completed 1st year Business and ICT field with maximum credits required.


I like: PC Games, Going Out, Basketball, Football, Music Instruments, Reading.

I do often: Committing myself to study, Playing Instruments,.

I love: Sports, Technology, Traveling.



References Available on Request