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An AA degree from Fresno State and a Business management degree from a high accredited school like San Diego State University has given me communication skills and the knowledge and ability to adapt to the quick world of technology.


My ideal day starts out with a nice work out and bike ride followed by classes then either a swim at our school's pool facility and a nice dinner, if during the school week.  On days off of school I enjoy; going to the beach, reading and writing songs, playing any type of sport or activity, and a nice comedy or romance movie always gets me relaxed during those stressful weeks.


I am Dustin Skylar Abrams and am 21 years of age studying business management at San Diego State University.  Transfering from two different schools prior to SDSU has given me a great out look on how things operate depending where you are.  With all of the knowledge I have been able to obtain from my wide range of schooling, I feel I have a greater grasp on the business world because I am able to combine this newly obtained knowledge with my years of work experience.


Wallid Armagh

Taught me everything I know about running a restaurant/business even during a hard economic time.

Dr. Marie Flatley

Lina Lechka

Fred Freeman

Fred Freeman was the Mayor of the City of Los Alamitos, the city I grew up in, and also is a Police Sheriff

Work experience

Jun 2009Sep 2009

Camp Counselor

Rossmoor Park Recreation

While currently studying business at San Diego State University which has a very high accreditation, which can be very demanding, I  like to take a step back to childhood and remember the simpler times that really helped guide and keep me on the right track.  When given the opportunity to give back and work at the same childhood summer camp I had grown up at, I was ecstatic and jumped on the offer.  What could be the best summer of my life so far I was not only helping these kids with problems at camp with other campers, but they also looked up to me as a mentor knowing I would be there for them.  The kids made me realize that too much of anything can be bad for you and while I was the teacher, I found myself learning more and more everyday.  Allowing me to be able to look over any situation and instead of coming to a quick conclusion, this experience has opened my eyes to how there may be many different ways of looking or acting upon situations that arise in every day life.

  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Coach and develop the "future"
  • Mediate any problems
Dec 2004Jul 2007


Amecis Pizza

At first my only responsibility was to fold boxes and make sure everything was filled up.  After showing responsibility and showing a hard work ethic, more and more responsibilities piled up until one day I was turned into the manager of the store.  Being left alone to manage the store was a great feeling knowing all of your hard work and effort is being rewarded.  At the end of my employment at Amecis Pizza I was doing;

  • Advising Finances
  • Guiding new employees
  • Addressing customer problems
  • Operating the business when left alone



Aug 2009Present

San Diego State University
Aug 2006May 2007


California State University, Fresno


Microsoft Experience
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Access Microsoft Word Processor Microsoft Power point Vista  
Playing Football at the Collegiate level shows a great work ethic as well as somebody who is able to manage there time well.  Being a part of a team is also a huge part that carries over into the business world and great  team players are the key components to a championship or a successful business.
After working at Ameci's Pizza for just over 3 and a half years it was time for college.  After moving up from box folder to manager of the store, I had learned a lot about the business world and how it works.  Being a right hand man for a couple years showed me the ropes of several different aspects of conducting a business like; accounting, sales, managerial skills, and  great responsibility.


Jun 2009Jun 2013

First Aid

California Health Association
Jun 2009Jun 2011


California Health Association