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Dustin Read

  • Calgary Alberta
  • Can Mobile:1-587-926-1667        Iraq Mobile:+964 (0) 751-013-8198

HSE field supervisor Iraq

Work experience


Hardkor skate boards and snowboards.

Taking care of day to day operations Responsible for inventory, pricing of products Maintain good relations between our business and the distributors Customer service/sales rep Promoting the business to the right type of clients. Troubleshooting any problems i.e. Customers, suppliers.

Operation's Manager

Groundwork's Enterprises Ltd.

I was responsible Oversee day to day operations in fast paced situations Responsible for meeting deadlines and keeping budget on track with quotes Travel out of town to check on equipment and workers Maintain good relations between our company and the clients. Generate new sources of revenue for the company In charge of all quotes for potential clients Played a key role in the negotiations for sale of the company at the owner's request. 

Lead Hand

Wolf Projects

 Lead Hand Take direction in a fast paced environment and able to trouble shoot any problems. Assist in all aspects of the job in a safe and professional manner. Overseeing a team and inspection of work. Prepare all field paper work for office.

Lead Hand/pipefitter

Pillar Oilfield

 Lead hand/Pipefitter. Work hand in hand with the oil company reps in the field. Assist in the building of the plants all around Alberta, including reviewing prints, assembling/building, and working with cranes.


Ensign Drilling

 Roughneck. Assist in the drilling process on the rig floor. Troubleshoot various problems.

Safety Representative

Corvet Construction
Safety Representative. Travel out of town to various sour sites and was responsible for the safety of the workers when working under air.* Monitored safety equipment and insured safety measures were being followed.


Pillar Oilfield Projects LTD.

 Pipefitting. Responsible for all lease construction. Tie in wells for completion to hand over to Oil Company. Responsible for fitting truck and all fittings for construction process. In charge of welding operation's.

Operator/HSE Manager.

Black river oilfield LTD.
Operator/Safety HSE Manager. Make sure compressors are always up and running 24 hours a day. pigging schedule to be completed every week. Trouble shoot any problems that might arise within the plant 24 hours a day. Deal with any on site contractors. Keep up production. Daily tool box ERP planning Weekly monthly stats. Corrective actions. Responsible for all other Safety reps on site as well as the crew. Implementing SWP, Permits, Investigations and coming up with the proper correctiveactions to avoid further safety issues. Review all reports and maintain good relations between the HSE department and the workers. Responsible for all contact with headquarters on any HSE issues or request. Time management.* Public Speaking, Presentations Permits. Monitor and track HSE performance. Savanna energy

Contract Safety Lead.

Pillar Oilfield

 (SAG-D FACILITIES FORT MAC) Contract Safety Lead. Conduct daily safety meetings. Site inspections. All start up safety for job/inspections/ERP. In field making sure workers are up holding all safety codes and practices. Conduct field audits for site. keep in constant contact with workers/supervisor/office. Keep up on all safety related paperwork. Handle any safety situations that arise. Lead incident investigations. Implementing SWP, Permits, Investigations and coming up with the proper corrective actions to avoid further safety issues. 


3 month contract) Contract Incident Investigator. Responsible for investigating incidents from levels 1 to 5 Reporting directly to the CIRS manager on all incidents Attending daily meetings with upper management to relay daily events and actions of any incidents and the progress of existing investigations Interviewing, documenting, information gathering, writing-up reports as well as coming up with the proper corrective actions to be put in place to avoid other incidents down in the mine as well as on the surface. Sending finished reports on to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Keeping up on all nuclear legislation and standards. Review all reports and maintain good relations between the HSE department and the workers. Site presentations to clients and Staff. Public speaking.
Dec 2011Present

Field HSE superintendent.

Qualitas International.

Kurdistan Iraq

Field HSE Superintendent. Acting field HSE superintendent for our overseas projects. Coordinating HSE advisors on site. Conduct weekly HSE meetings with all HSE staff. Handle all the day to day safety issues on site. I am responsible for all workers/visitors safety on sites. Conduct Daily/Monthly tool box meetings. Assist in the building of the site in any way possible to achieve deadlines. Keeping good relations for the client ourselves and the workers. Keep in constant contact with our Canadian/Iraq/London office to the safety issues on site. Handle any workers safety concerns as needed. Site inspections ERP Planning Conduct incident investigations Come up with corrective action solutions that will help minimize or eliminate any future incidents. Site presentations to clients and Staff. Public Speaking Monitor and track HSE performance. Permits Responsible For Over a 50+ crew. 

Oct 2011Present

Managing Partner

Oil and Gas Connection LTD.

I am one of the Managing Partners of Oil and Gas Connection Ltd. I handle the day to day operations for the oil and gas/mining aspect of the company and Any consulting related to either of those fields.


OH&S Certification.

University of Calgary

I am currently in the process of obtaining my certification from the University of Calgary in Occupational health and safety.   

International General certificate


I am in the process of completing my IGC Nebosh Course.



I am a certified National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO)


Dangerous Goods
Red Cross


Liam Lynch I&E Superintendent GKPI.

I work directly with Mr.Lynch's team on site daily handling any safety concerns they may have. [email protected]

Vincent Gracie Construction Manager Radium Tech.

I have worked by Mr. Gracies side on major projects in Canada for the past 10+ years. [email protected]

Shane Grisak Construction Manger Iraq GKPI.

I have worked under Mr.Grisak for the past two years overseas in Iraq. [email protected]

Dustin Read

I have a vast background in the oil and gas sector, My many years of experience, professionalism and dedication to my profession has given me the chance to work on major projects around the world.