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Dustin Geist

Voice Engineer

Work History

February 2016Present

Voice Engineer


As an engineer I handle tier three escalations as well as new customer builds and setup. New customer builds include appropriate routing in our soft switch, provisioning and building our openuc hosted product, building the customers numbers in our soft switch, creating all users and ensuring local routing.   I am routinely tasked with contacting other carriers to troubleshoot issues between the networks or to report new issues, I also troubleshoot routing issues within our network as well as being tasked with developing custom solutions,  or leading a team of people with the necessary skills. 

Jun 20142016

Network Operations Center Technician


The NOC is responsible for tier two escalations, DNS configurations and management, Linux server administration, working with engineers on issues that need to be escalated past the department, inventory control, and obtaining a better understanding of all network procedures and administration. 

Feb 2013Jun 2014

Technical Support Representative


Troubleshoot telecommunications problems in a timely manner, ensure the customer is updated, and escalate any issues appropriately. While troubleshooting I have been exposed to many different situations and had to adapt troubleshooting styles on a customer basis as each problem required a different view or procedure. 

Jun 2008Jan 2013

Computer Consultant

Computer Guy PC Solutions

Phone Number (215) 338-7500

As a computer consultant I am expected to work in all environments including small to medium business, residential, in house, and on site. Throughout my employment there were a multitude of problems that I was tasked with fixing from rebuilding active directory servers, maintain those servers, implementing backup solutions both onsite and off site as disaster recovery solutions, troubleshooting networking and connectivity issues in both local and wide area networks, vpn setup and monthly maintenance. Documentation was also an important part, each customer was given a manual containing a layout of their network, credentials and inventory for each PC and server on the network, and disaster recovery procedures. 

Jan 2012Aug 2012

Installation Technician

Advanced Communication Inc.

As an installation technician it was my job to ensure wiring was done properly and cleanly, the customers were satisified with the job done, and everything was in proper and working order upon leaving. During my work for ACI I learned to aid customers on a more personal basis and adhere to each person unique and individual needs. Versatility was needed with the job due to the possible long hours and varying degree of work involved in each job for they were all unique in their own ways.

Mar 2006Jul 2007

Computer Technician

Reboot CSI

Phone Number (856) 782-1212

My responsibilities as a computer technician were to maintain the current equipment in the shop, converse with customers to help solve their computer issues, both face-to-face and via telephone. I aided the customers in finding the write software and hardware for their computers, and place orders for their new computers and or equipment. I also worked off site, at clients home and businesses solving their computer and network issues, repairing and replacing equipment and software as needed. I also taught a few "how-to" workshops one on one with clients that needed to learn how to use their computers or new software.


Sep 2008Apr 2009


Community College of Philadelphia

During my semester in College I attended a few entry level classes as well as a programming course, database course, and a linux course. Currently I am not enrolled into a school but do plan on going back to get a degree.