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I have a wide range of interests from popular music and popular culture to my favorite hobby, golf. I have been playing golf competitively since the age of twelve and have continued to enter in amateur tournaments since I am no longer affiliated with a team. I played all four years in high school and placed second in the State AA Championship my sophmore year and third my junior year in the same event, in both instances I led my high school to state championships.

I have always had a great interest in writing and reading, mostly literature from the early twentieth century. Most recently, during an internship in Guadalajara, Mexico, I kept a blog that was picked up by a local newspaper, The Moultrie News, and published in their travel section. This led to my current contributing intern position at The Charleston City Paper.

A more recent interest has been that of business and finance, primarily investing. In the fall of 2009 I joined Student Finance and Investment Club (SFIC) at the College of Charleston in order to better understand the market system and ways to achieve financial security through investment.

I enjoy traveling and the educational opportunity of meeting people and exploring new cultures . I spent a semester abroad in the Netherlands where I took classes in Psychology, Sociology, and Dutch.  In the summer of 2010 I received a scholarship to intern in Guadalajara, Mexico. I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip to Mexico as an intern for COLABORE, a social project that serves as a link between disabled Mexicans and potential employers. Ultimately, I am interested in the world's people, their perspectives, and their interactions.


I plan to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) in December, 2010 and the Foreign Services Officer (FSO) exam in February, 2011. I will graduate from the College of Charleston in early summer 2011 and am seeking an entry level position to gain work experience and valuable real world skills. In the long term I want to find a career track that allows for personal growth and professional development. I understand the future is unpredictable and I intend to put forth my best capabilities, sincerest intentions, and hardest work toward all endeavors I pursue. 


Aug 2007Present

College of Charleston

I am currently a major in Sociology and predominately interested in the way social institutions work and their influence upon each other as well as their influence upon people's daily lives. I am working toward a minor in Crime, Law, and Society and will begin an internship at the Charleston County Public Defender's Office in Spring 2011.   With this in mind, I am highly interested in the instituitions of law and polity and I am preparing to take the LSAT in December 2010.

Aug 2003May 2007

High School Diploma

Bishop England High School

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Contributing Intern

Charleston City Paper

The fact that a publication was willing to display my blog entries from my experience in Mexico gave me the confidence to pursue an internship in the field of journalism and I was extremely pleased when I was offered my current position. I report on upcoming events in the Charleston area as well as attend concerts, gallery showings, and various other events to report. I hope to gain more experience during my tenure and be able to offer more opinion pieces on more substantial topics.

Sep 2010Present


Howell and Christmas, LLC

Howell and Christmas, LLC is a personal injury, worker's compensation, and real estate law firm. I maintain the firm's blog that reports relevant events, both locally and nationally, pertinent to the type of law practiced by the firm. This type of reporting serves as an excellent advertising and exposure tool for the firm. I also join the partners in depositions and court cases to gain a first hand understanding of law firms and their operations.

Jul 2010Aug 2010



I spent a month this past summer as an intern for COLABORE, a social project sponsored by Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, Mexico, whose aim was to assist the disabled in finding employment. My time was spent at seminars for the disabled of Guadalajara that educated attendees on proper interview and presentation skills.  The seminars also allowed COLABORE the oppportunity  to gauge the attendee's capabilities to further help match them with an employer. From the alternate side of things, I toured businesses interested in diversifying their workforce and determine if their facilities were able to accommodate the disabled. My main contribution was an assessment of COLABORE in comparison to American organizations advocating disabled workers' rights and their efforts to find jobs for disabled persons.