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Work experience

May 2009Present

Professional Birdguide and Tourleader

Mindo Bird Tours Ltda.


Aug 2007Sep 2002

Master of Biology (MSc.)

University of Groningen (RuG)

Birding in Ecuador

My Publications

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Biologist, birder and guide resident in Ecuador. I graduated at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where I conducted bird research on extra-pair paternity, breeding systems, evolution of song, speciation and community ecology in countries including Australia, China, Hungary, The Netherlands and Ecuador. I got hooked on Neotropical biodiversity and wilderness and live in the capital Quito where I work for Mindo Bird Tours. Activities apart from guiding include scientific research, exploring new areas, bird photography and bird sound recording. I am a committee member of CERO (Comité Ecuatoriano de Registros Ornitológicos) and I am founder and webmaster of AVESECUADOR. For a selection of my photo stock go to SAPAYOA! many bird photos from Ecuador and more! My list of birds seen in Ecuador stands on 1458 species!