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My goal is to further my clinical education and seek the necessary skills in order to advance towards my Medical Degree. I aspire to prove myself a worthy student with integrity and knowledge. 


College graduate with a degree in Bioscience Research and extensive in class lab experience. Experience with high end lab equipment as well as book keeping. Skills and practices pertaining to diligence and record keeping. Written two lab books for two classes focused on lab work (Cell biology and Molecular Biology). Learned about Lab Management through a course. Almost 5 years of customer relations retail-based experience. Highly proficient with Microsoft office software and photo editing software as well as web development and organizational software. Publishing experience as a published author; author of Alastoria: The Tear of God (Sci-fi novel). Also tutored Chemistry and Organic Chemistry for SUNY Farmingdale for over 2 years.


Sep 2004May 2009

Bioscience Research (BS)

SUNY Farmingdale

Major in Bioscience Research

Relevant Classes:

Biochemistry · Cell Biology · Genetics · Microbiology · Virology · Organic/inorganic Chemistry · Laboratory Management · Phlebotomy · Molecular Biology · Senior Seminar

Sep 2000Jun 2004

High School Diploma

Commack High School

My High School


Denise Reese

Denise was my manager at Banana Republic, she has seen my work ethic and knows most about the dynamics of how i perform tasks.

Frances Santiago-Schwarz

Dr. Santiago was my teacher in Cell Biology, it was because of her that i gained interest in the Bioscience Research field, i attended all of the seminars proposed in her class and learned about research projects and presentations.

Sarah Gross

Dr.Sarah Gross PhD is an excellent professor excelling in the knowledge of virology, she taught my Senior Seminar class on the influenza virus.

Matthew Bahamonde

Dr.Bahamonde was my Molecular Biology professor and is an excellent professor with extensive experience.



Web development
Experienced in the development and implementation of  websites using HTML XML CSS JS and CF.
Chemistry Tutoring
I tutored Chemistry for several years for the Chemistry Department at SUNY Farmingdale. Chemistry taught: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry.
I am the author of the science fiction novel Alastoria: The Tear of God (
Flash Development
Can work with former Macromedia Flash and Adobe Flash concept software to develop websites and intro movies
Expert typing speed: 78wpm
Microsoft Office Use
Can process documents and create coherent projects with ease Proficient in most aspects of; Excel, Word, Powerpoint Extensive use leading to high proficiency
Laboratory Book Keeping
Have two records of laboratory work one for Cell-Biology and one for Molecular Biology, done during schooling.
Laboratory Equipment Handling
Taken several lab credits in SUNY Farmingdale at high tier biology courses granting me experience working with high end lab equipment.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Computer Sales


Working as a computer sales specialist at Best Buy

Sep 2007Present


SUNY Farmingdale

Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Tutor.

Feb 2009Present



Owner and chief programmer of INITIATIVE7 - a Professional Web Development and Presence company.

Oct 2008Nov 2009

Sales Support

Gap Inc. Banana Republic

Cashier in banana republic at Walt Whitman Mall, some supervisory responsibilities

Feb 2008Oct 2008

Key Holder Associate


Key holder/supervisor at RadioShack, responsible for opening and closing the store as well as Loss Prevention.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Gasoline Attendant

Amerada Hess

Pumped gasoline at a full-service gas station.

Nov 2007Jan 2008



Responsible for displays and model item assembly in the hardware/lawn and garden department.

Mar 2006Dec 2006

Sales Associate


Sales associate and temporary customer experience manager at Macy's in Walt Whitman Mall

Mar 2005Dec 2005



Cashier at Target