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A fast track professional having more than 6 years of experience in developing  web applications for enterprises covering performance optimisation, progressive enhancement, usability, and accessibility. As a creative person like to be involved in jobs that emphasize innovative thinking and originality, which require in depth expertise and specialisation rather than just implementing or executing ideas of other people. As a team man with good interpersonal skills, I am willing to try new things and comfortable taking some risk whenever opportunities emerge.

Work experience

April 2017May 2017

Frontend Engineer

Amazon India Development Center

• Researched on improving the load performance of detail page's product images. Analysed different image formats like JPEG, Progressive JPEG, PNG and WebP for different devices to figure out their suitability as per requirement. 

July 2015Feb 2017

UI Engineer II

Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd

• Created an utility library to observe data changes for any JavaScript object. This utility is capable of observing nested changes too.
• Came up with the solution for ever increasing js code base resulting in heavier client side. Created solution to have route based chunking, which resulted in approx 40% faster page load.
• Built several extensions and providers for BlinxJS like: logger, dom-differ, event-manager.
• Was also involved in performance optimisation, hardware setup and perf testing for scalability of the portal.
• Worked on UI for production creation flow and catalog edit flow.
• Built BlinxJS (an inhouse micro framework/library aggregator) from ground up. BlinxJs is built keeping modularity, configurability and extensibility in mind.

November 2014June 2015

UI Engineer I

Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd

• Worked on UI for production creation flow. Extensively used AngularJs, less and nodeJs to accomplish the requirement.
• Contributed in developing inhouse framework and its bundling system.
• Created FormBuilder which consumes the configuration as JSON object and throws out the form. It has support for all the native form elements, additionally custom modules can also be provided to create custom widgets as part of the form. It provides tons of customisation options along with several inbuilt options for validation, themes, submit and hooks for different phases of lifecycle.

January 2013November 2014

Javascript Programmer

Shoptimize India Pvt. Ltd.

• Worked on UI for a fashion based social network named "Cooliyo". Cooliyo was developed as a single page application which had UI tech stack of JQuery, Angular, React , Gulp and less.
• Build a platform for the sellers to generate/customize the UI/UX for their stores. Templates and UI configurations was being maintained in db. Technologies used were NodeJS, SailsJs, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Angulars and less.
• Created UI for more than 20 e-commerce stores like Haldirams, Lagu Bandhu, Venus Traders, Ekbote Furnitures. All the stores were completely responsive.

October 2011January 2013

Javascript Programmer


• Created UI for a highly interactive Museum application for desktops and iPad. Used jQuery, Raphael.js and sass. The application displays the antiques as root node and informations submitted by users was being displayed as branch. Tree had n level of nesting and the app had support for animated navigation from nodes.
• Worked on Photo Album Editor which allowed user to choose from Adobe Scene7 templates which consisted of image and text placeholders. Uses were allowed to edit those and submit to generate the album as PDF. We used backbone, jquery, jquery-ui and less to develop the UI. Also created jquery plugins to support image resizing and transformations.
• Worked on UI for Online greeting card editor named "Danazoom". Created application completely in HTML5 canvas. Application had support for image crop, resize, tranform, overlapping, opacity, tint and other support for image and text editing.

October 2010September 2011

Junior Software Engineer

Novatech Software Pvt Ltd

• Created plugins like date-picker, range slector, ajax to be used across intraweb based app platform.
• Bootstraped screen mockups Contextual Commenting. This enables user to comment anywhere on the UI of wireframe while reviewing it on any browser. The wireframe components are created using HTML which gets highlighted while commenting on them using contextual commenting.
• Developeded Multi-Level Traceability Report which displays the traceability relationship of different entities in a documental view as well as in graphical views in the web application. This was designed using Delphi 6.0, Intraweb, jQuery, Raphael, HTML and javascript.
• Worked on Versions Comparison (Rich Text Comparator). This module displays the changes in fields within different versions of a record. Special algorithm is designed for comparing Rich text as html data.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.), Computer Technology [2010]

Nagpur University

SSCE [2004]


SSE [2002]


Personal Details

Name: Durgesh Priyaranjan

Date of Birth: 15th March, 1987

Permanent Address: Road No- 6, Trihut Colony, Ahiyapur, Muzaffarpur, Bihar - 842001

Languages: Hindi, English