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Why me

Mechanical Engineering background taught me problem solving, creativity and analytical skills, now being a Management Engineer I learned to see the Big picture, doing profound analysis, critical & Strategic thinking and Learned to think and work smart. Also, being an International Student I have been exposed to different cultures, people and can easily mingle in a multi-culture Environement, which gave me competitive advantage and a preferable candidacy.



Project Collaborator

Social Innovation Teams

Working on drafting the Business model, Business plan and Impact Analysis for the Social project -  New life to Plastic



Master of Science in Management Engineering Specialization-International Business

Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Courses: International Economics,  Invest in foreign market lab, Strategy&Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Control, Operations Management, Logistics Management, International Distribution, Multi Channel Customer  strategy, Business and Industrial Economics, Economics & Management of MNE's, Leadership&Innovation.

Bachelor Of Technology- Mechanical Engineering

JNTU- Hyderabad, India


  • Invest in Foreign market lab(X-Culture):
     The main theme of the project is to propose a Business plan to a Start-up seeking  to invest in foreign markets. Worked with Global Virtual Team. Our Client: Odyseed
  • Project on analyzing the financial statements of Inditex:

       We analyzed the financial statements of four years using profitability and liquidity               analysis and also the relative valuation, value driver analysis.


  • Group led by me stood 3rd in Amazon innovation project in 2016 among 40 groups.  This project aimed at giving an innovative idea in logistics to amazon Italia with cost analysis. Almost 30 groups worked on LAST MILE DELIVERY including we and we won among them and rewarded by amazon. Project title  Amazon Buddy

Our idea has the potential of generating part-time employement and is more Eco-friendly.