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“Creating energy around an idea and getting people to move toward a goal are difficult in the best of times and impossible in the worst of times - Kris however, has the unique ability to get things moving regardless. Kris clearly articulates goals, solicits input and builds his team quickly and effectively. Kris has unbounded energy and can juggle a seemingly infinite number of activities - each implemented perfectly. Kris has provided me expert advice and counsel on a variety of business questions and is one of the few people I look to for great insight and information when struggling with an issue. Whether for professional or personal reasons - I would whole heatedly recommend Kris as a member of you "master mind" or as a more formal member of your business team.” December 31, 2008

Paul Hebert, Managing Director, i2i - An Influence Consultancywas with another company when working with Kris at SourceMedical

“Kris is a CONSUMATE HR Professional - understands every level and facet of the function, as well as possessing a great knack for understanding the drivers of the business.”

Scott Stone, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President, Source Medicalmanaged Kris at SourceMedical

Kris is an HR executive that "gets it." His unique insights and perspectives always opened up alternative and creative options for his Company and his associates. His ability to remain poised and approachable, while all around him others were off-balance, made him approachable and incredibly valuable to both employees, Managers and Executives. He understands the complexities of the Human Resource dynamic far better than anyone out there.”

Scott Irgang, Senior Vice President, Stop & Shop Supermarket Companywas with another company when working with Kris at Charter Communications

“As editor of two outstanding blogs (HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent) Kris has managed to keep the conversation fresh and engaging. I often look to Kris for guidance and thought leadership across a variety of topics (sports, HR, Benefits, Talent,, social media and the business of blogging). I would recommend Kris's blogs to anyone who is looking to connect with other thought leaders in the Human Capital space.” 

Meg Bear, VP Talent Management Development, Oracle Corporation

“I first became exposed to Kris through the HR Capitalist. He is a prolific, insightful and witty blogger writing at the intersection of business, HR and technology. I don't think there are any other HR or human capital bloggers that do it like Kris - he gets what upscale HR is like, better than anyone out there. I have also gotten to know Kris even better as a contributor at Fistful of Talent. As editor of the blog, he demonstrates leadership through a clear vision and constant desire to innovate and improve our game. He's also a great developer of talent, being a cheerleader to each of us in our individual endeavors outside of Fistful of Talent. Kris has helped me to realize that HR can actually be cool, savvy, and upscale. He's renewed my faith in HR as a profession and has become an invaluable colleague, mentor and editor to me.” 

Jessica Lee, Employment Manager, APCO Worldwidewas with another company when working with Kris at HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent

“Kris Dunn's greatest achievement in managing people is that he never asks for more than he is willing to give, which is his all. He is constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to grow what he's working on, while never easing up on the production and quality of what he's doing right now. It's truly amazing to watch. I think his best qualities include marketing savvy, great work ethic and consistent implementation.” December 26, 2008

Maren Hogan, Managing Partner-Development, HCI (Hogan Consulting Inc.)reported to Kris at HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent 


“Anyone looking for an HR related blog that speaks with punch and value needs to be reading KD's work. It's relatively easy to tell the bloggers who take their work seriously, and Kris is clearly one of them. He is insightful, diligent, and fair in his perspective. He's also a lot of fun and knows how to make a sharp point without making it hurt. Recently, I've had the opportunity to see a little bit of how Kris operates behind the scenes... and I have been impressed with just how much effort he puts into delivering a quality product week in and week out. Thanks, Kris!” December 26, 2008

Jason Seiden, Coach, Management & Communications Consultant, Seiden & Associateswas with another company when working with Kris at HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent


Who am I? That’s an easy question. I’m a VP of HR for SourceMedical, a software company focused on serving the booming outpatient market. Prior to joining the team at Source in 2005, I was a Regional VP of HR for Charter Communications, a HR Manager for BellSouth Mobility (subsequently known as Cingular and AT&T based on which round of consolidation you are referring to), and a Project Manager in the market research division of Aragon Consulting (gobbled up by IBM Global Services). With that track record in mind, I can now say what I thought I never would – I have over a decade in the Talent biz.

As a Talent Pro, I am most interested in the intersection of the talent, business results and technology in today’s organizations. I have a strong interest in areas like talent development, recruiting and performance management, but keep an eye towards the thousand other areas that impact talent professionals at every level (VP, Director, Manager, etc.) as well. My eyes get glossy when HR people start talking about being strategic without being specific, and I'm on a mission to crush meaningless adminstration so my team and the managers we serve can spend time doing what's truly important.

I'm such a believer in the promise of managing talent in organizations that I started The HR Capitalist in December of 2006 with the goal of building a community I could learn from. Based on the sucess of the Capitalist, I followed it up with Fistful of Talent and Benefits Buzz, both multi-contributor blogs where talent pros go to share thoughts and ideas. Since I write frequently to all of the online properties mentioned above, I'm among the most transparent human capital professionals you'll find anywhere.

Work experience

Mar 2009Present

VP of People


My new gig.  Looking forward to helping DAXKO rock it on the Talent side of the biz...

May 2005Mar 2009

VP of HR


I was fortunate enough in 2005 to be recruited to lead the HR/Talent function of SourceMedical, a privately-held software company focused on the delivery of enterprise software for the outpatient surgery and therapy segments of the medical industry (45M in Revenue, 250 employees).  It's been a great opportunity to take the lessons I've learned in Fortune 500 environments and build a HR/Talent practice from scratch. 

During my time at Source, I've been part of a great team focused on strategic development and execution of talent acquisition, employee development, compensation, benefit design, performance management, and engagement initiatives, all designed to enable talent to maximize its potential in a tech environment.

Some of the cool stuff I've spent my time on at SourceMedical:

--Created Talent Acquisition function at Source Medical by forecasting upcoming talent needs within company and providing timely delivery of quality talent across Product Development, Product Management, Client Services and Sales functions.Quickly evaluated and launched ATS system to enhance external image of company to candidates, centralize candidate flow and enhance service to organization through technology.Result – scalable process allows limited resources to control process and make 120 professional grade fills annually with reduced time to fill (down 52%), reduced Cost Per Fill (down 42%) and reduced Turnover (down over 50%). 

--Developed and executed Leadership Development/Managerial Skills Training Modules designed to increase basic skills of managers in areas of Performance Management, Coaching, Interviewing/Selection and Change Management.Result – Provided exposure to core concepts of management to inexperienced managers and supervisors, with follow-up sessions designed to drive retention of concepts.  Training provides common language across leadership team when talking about talent issues.

--Developed and executed enhanced Performance Management system to include standardized objectives for all positions in Region, monthly performance metrics, coaching system for customer-facing positions and tiered approach to merit increases designed to allocate greater percentage of salary and wage increases to top 25% of performers in Region.Result – 30% reduction in turnover among high-performer group, clearer understanding of development opportunities across all roles in organization.

--Developed Career Path Programs designed to provide structure regarding how individual contributors can control personal development, acquisition of knowledge/skill and developmental opportunties within organization.  Career Paths designed to reward motivated associates and provide clear promotional paths within functional areas as reward for performance and development.  Result - Career Paths widely thought to be contributing factor to reduced turnover across organization (down over 50% from 2005 to 2008).  

There's more, but I'll stop with those items. SourceMedical's a great place to take an idea and run with it.  The support and resources are available, you just have to provide the brains, efffort and passion. 

Nov 1999Apr 2005

Regional VP of HR

Charter Communications

My first leadership role, great experience, but truly a school of "hard knocks".  I was recruited in late 1999 to start a HR function for Charter, which at the time was a patchwork of 14 different companies acquired by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  In this role, I was one of six Regional VP's of HR nationally for Charter.  The task - drop in a new Regional office, establish a HR/Talent function in the field and integrate the acquired properties/locations into a single company - was fun, but full of potholes/learning opportunities.

At Charter, I helped develop, implement and lead a Human Resources platform for the largest Region of a Fortune 500 company (largest unit during tenure - 1B in Revenue, 70 locations, 2400 employees).  My specific focus was tactical development and execution of talent acquisition/staffing, performance management, employee relations, compensation and training initiatives contributing to positive operational results.I managed a decentralized team of HR generalists and specialists networked to support the field needs of a decentralized operational team.

Oct 1997Nov 1999

Regional HR Manager

Bellsouth Mobility/Cingular

My first pure HR/Talent role as a young professional.  Responsibilities included leading the HR function for client base consisting of statewide Customer Operations and Engineering groups (800 associates).Served as primary liaison for statewide PCS, staffing and talent initiatives.Responsible for consolidated statewide training department charged with distribution and delivery of services to 1200+ statewide associates. 

A great place to learn the HR/Talent trade.

Aug 1996Oct 1997

Project Manager

Aragon Consulting/IBM Global Services

At Aragon, I was a road warrior right out of graduate school for a marketing consulting shop specializing in the design and gathering of market research.  We helped companies (across all industries) understand how existing and potential markets viewed their products/concepts. 

My responsibilities as a Project Manager included coordination and management of qualitative and quantitative market research and management consulting projects, from the proposal process through presentation of final deliverables.  To do this, I routinely coordinated cross-departmental teams to ensure proper development and execution of project methodologies, timelines and budgets.  I had heavy relationship management with client representatives at a young age.

Aug 1994Aug 1996

Asst. Customer Operations Manager

BellSouth Mobility/Cingular

In this role, I worked nights and weekends in a call center environment while I attended graduate school.  Responsibilities included project management duties in a 24-hour operations environment.Resolved operational issues including billing, technical and financial matters for the largest cellular provider in the Southeast.

Sep 1991May 1994

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

I played college basketball at Northeast Missouri, so my early career goal was to be a college basketball coach at the Division I level, thus this initial stop at UAB.  Responsibilities included on-the-floor coaching, recruiting, video production, advance scouting and coordination of direct mail campaigns.  I also served as administrator/director of camp system.

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Masters of Public and Private Administration (MPPM), 1996

Masters of Arts in Education, 1992


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