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Work experience

Oct 2017Present

Senior Partner and Founder

Dzuwa Enterprises (PTY) LTD

Specialist Marketing, Technology and Consultancy service provider. 


Chief Operations Officer (COO)


As the operations manager for a reputable consulting and technology sales company, my challenge is to lead consulting and technical teams to deliver for our clients.

New Skills

Data Science & Quantitative Financial Analysis - R Programming

Looking forward to taking on new challenges in predictive modeling and machine learning for new clients. You are going to want to speak to me before you touch your data.



MBA (Part-Time)

Regent Business School

Currently in final year of my MBA.



The Viability of Academic Programmes needs to be assessed beyond pure accounting profit. In order to understand viability, a University needs to understand and optimise student enrolment per programme with existing capacity and other key constraints. I am currently leading a team that is conducting a comprehensive viability study, we believe it will set the benchmark for how sustainable academic programmes should be structured.


Academic staff cost to revenue at many Universities, particularly those that are historically black continues to show a worrying trend. A more troubling trend is that the real picture on academic staff workloads (time spent lecturing, tutorials, labs, research, community development, developing learning content, etc.) is not always fully understood. We are currently working on a project to develop an innovative approach to assist administrators and Council to match teaching capacity with strategic enrolment.


Enrolment Planning is key to aligning planned student enrolment with staffing and educational outcomes. This is not always done in a strategic manner. I worked with the Planner, HEMIS officer and DVC Academic to develop the previous Enrolment Plan for the University.


Worked as the Project Lead for an Automated Performance Management System for the Botswana Investment and Trade Corporation in Gaborone. The project was designed to allow the newly formed organisation provide reports for the parent Ministries.


The City of Tshwane (Pretoria) was looking for a way to define the Terms of Reference for a new system to automate the operations of the numerous clinics and pharmacies it operates. I lead a team to conduct focus groups with the key stakeholders (administrators, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and support staff) to identify the key requirements of each stakeholder for the system. The result was a Requirements Document that was used to issue the tender. We further assisted the City in developing the evaluation criteria for gauging level of supplier compliance to system specifications.


Balanced Scorecard Implementation

Almost every company has a business plan or strategy. What they do not always have is a way to monitor progress on their strategy and communicate in simple terms to their staff. I have worked over ten years in implementing Balanced Scorecards for organizations. With our technology-based system, we have implemented action-oriented performance management systems. I have lead teams from conception through to handover.

Business Planning

I have experience in writing business plans for businesses. I am proficient in both types of business plans; internal management plans and funding proposal type business plans

Requirements Modeling

Requirements are written statements of needs. Requirements management is the procedure used to make sure that a product meets the needs of the user. In information technology, the value of a well specified requirements document cannot be overstated. I have experience in developing specification documents for use by software developers and even procurement officials. In supply chain, the requirements document is translated into a technical specification document.

Project Management

I have managed many projects for our clients. I have implemented projects for clients using the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). Our projects range from once off technical point solutions to large scale turnkey solutions for our clients.   I am presently studying for PMP certification.

Business Process Management

Business Processes describe how work is done in organizations. Depending on whether this is required for a business audience or technical audience for automation projects, different notations are used as standard. I have experience with using different process modeling notations including IDEF0, BPMN, CATALYST, UML 1.x and Workflow modeling. Further, using Business Process Management approaches, I have developed standard operating procedures for a University Quality Management system.

Web Design

I have designed websites for clients for various applications. I have experience with propriatary and open source web development tools. As we move to a new age of information management, i believe this skill will be more important. Organizations are turning more and more to the web for   Recently, i begun experimenting with the next generation of small business intranets. I believe this sector of the economy will drive the next big swing in information management.


Prof Moutlana / VUT

Currently working as co-project lead to ensure that the University is sustainable. Key Deliverables include (1). A Viability assessment of Academic Programmes (2). An analysis of Academic Staff Workload (3). A review of the Academic Project Resource Allocation Model

Emelda Phokoletso / CFO, Botswana Investment and Trade Corporation

Currently working as lead consultant to implement an integrated Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System. Using the system, the BITC will be able to manage and optimise business unit through cascaded balanced scorecards. The HR department will be able to automate staff contracting and performance reviews on the same platform.

Prof Jansen / UFS

I worked as a consultant for the University. The aim of the project was to develop an executive performance management system, and to define the optimal academic staff teaching workload.

General Odillo / Defence

I worked as project  lead for a defence project to re-engineer support services (Supply Chain, HR and Communications) to improve the Military Readiness and Force Generation scores.

Sipho Langa / HEMIS

I was project manager for a compliance project for the client. We delivered an enrolment plan for the client. Using advanced statistical methods, we were able to use historic student data to create a cohort model and extrapolate future behaviour.

Dr Elfreda Oosthuizen / City of Tshwane

We delivered a project on behalf of the City of Tshwane. The city needed to procure a major ERP for the health services, but the requirements were with business people and doctors who were not technical people. Our brief was to bridge this. We developed the functional requirements and technical evaluation criteria for their supply chain. The project was a success

Dr J Makua / MUT

Worked with the QMD to develop the self assessment report that the University used to ensure accreditation of its programmes and certifications from the CHE. This covered analysis and reporting on 21 Departments for a 10,000 student University.

Roy Bhagowat / MUT

I worked with the IT department to deliver an Academic Structure Framework for a 10,000 student University, offering over a 30 qualifications with hundreds of course/subject combinations.

An Academic Structure is a document that defines all the business rules for how all the various University policies, procedures and accreditation requirements translate into a functional student management system.

Chanika Peters / KZN Office of the Premier

Worked as a consultant on the development of an automated Balanced Scorecard and Business Process Optimization tool for nine of the Provincial Departments.


Role Skills leaned
1997 – 1999 MailClub CEO/Owner
Managed an internet services communications firm. We designed and produced web assets, distributed content and generated brand experience for our clients.

Email marketing

Web development

Customer database management

Marketing automation

2000 - 2007

Popkin Tech Support
POPKIN was an international Enterprise Architecture tools technology company that was later bought by IBM. I worked for the AFRICA distributor in various roles.

1st and 2nd level technical support, training, and technical implementation, sales and marketing, consultancy for Popkin System Architect.

IT helpdesk process development and SOP documentation



Catalyst Methodology for process documentation

BPMN for process documentation

2001 – 2009

QPR Local Tech Support
QPR is an international Performance Management and Process Management Technology company. I worked for the local distributor in various roles.

Duties included 1st and 2nd level technical support, training, sales & marketing, and technical implementation & consultancy.

Process alignment with strategy

Balanced Scorecard design, development, facilitation, training and implementation

Strategy Map design 

Development of Management Dashboards

2003 – 2006

Strategy, PMS and Process Management System Implementation Project (7 Provincial Departments)
Worked as part of a team that implemented an automated Performance Management System and Business Process Management System for the KZN Provincial Administration.

  • Project roles included:
    • Documenting Level 0 to Level 4 process maps for 4 departments.
    • Drafting Standard Operating Procedures for specific processes.
    • Developing Balanced Scorecards for 5 departments, cascaded to Director level.
    • Design, distribution and analysis of employee culture and climate surveys for 2 departments.
    • Training over 100 managers in managing performance and processes using an integrated portal.
    • System Development, Installation, technical support and managing feature changes at SITA offices in Pietermaritzburg.

Process Documentation

Report writing

Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Development of management training programmes, training manuals & content Quality Assurance. 

2005 – 2009

MEGA Local Tech Support
MEGA is an international French Enterprise System Architecture, Business Process, Data Modeling and Data Governance Company. I worked for the local distributor.

Duties included 1st and 2nd level technical support, training, sales & marketing, and technical implementation & consultancy.

B2B marketing and sales

Tech support

Selling technology projects

Developing client models and coaching IT staff.

2007 – 2008

Electronic Patient Records System Project (Local Government).
Worked as the lead consultant and project manager for the
Municipality. The city needed to acquire a new system linking all their clinics and storing patient records.

I used a requirements management driven approach to develop the system’s technical specifications.

I then used the specifications to develop the tender specifications and design a system for evaluating vendors.

For such a complicated system, the client did not expect to choose a vendor within four months, we reduced the time to less than a month.

Process automation
Process documentation
Process analysis

Project Management

Functional system specifications documentation and standards setting.


Executive Dashboard Project (Local Government)
In 2007, the city identified a need to improve service delivery by managing the maintenance services more efficiently.

Using data from its call centre on fault reports I lead a team of four consultants in developing a dashboard for executives.

Process analysis

Executive Management Reporting Systems Development

Strategic Analysis of Call Centre Data


Executive Job Descriptions and Performance Contracts (Higher Education)
The Department of Social Development needed to train their HR practitioners to design job descriptions that are aligned to the strategy.

Up until then, some job descriptions were thought to be more task oriented but with no demonstrable strategic impact. Changing the way job descriptions were done was not going to be simple.

I was part of the team that developed the training materials and supported the Chief Facilitator.

Alignment of Strategy with Management Job Descriptions.

Alignment of Corporate and People Strategy.

Development of Strategic Job Descriptions.

Development of KPIs for impact.


Executive Job Descriptions and Performance Contracts (Higher Education)
Following the Maphai report, the Department of Education
appointed Prof Jansen as administrator of the University. One of Prof Jansen’s initiatives was to make explicit the job descriptions of key managers and move to commit them to performance contracts.

I was a senior consultant on this part of the project. I developed the job descriptions for the top six managers of the University (2009 management structure). Following this, I then drafted performance management contracts and appraisal tools for each of the senior managers.

Alignment of Strategy with Management Job Descriptions.

Alignment of Corporate and People Strategy.

Development of Strategic Job Descriptions.

Development of KPIs for impact.


Cohort Study and Enrolment Plan. (Higher Education)

Our team was hired by MUT to assist them with complying with DHET regulations. This regulation mandates the University to submit projections of its student body for the following three years.

My role to analyse the University’s student databases since 2003. This study assisted us to understand how cohorts behaved over time.

Compliance Documentation

Student Enrolment Planning and Projections.

Student Cohort Analysis.


Standard Operating Procedures (Higher Education)

I worked with business unit managers to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for community engagement, staff recruitment, student registration and research.

These SOPs assisted the University in preparing for CHE accreditation process.

Process Documentation and Analysis.

Process Resource Estimation.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development, formatting and publication.


Programme Viability Analysis (Higher Education)

The University needed to know how viable their academic programmes were.

In my consulting capacity, I worked as part of the team that reviewed the performance of all the academic programmes (financial, scholarly, capacity, etc.).

The end result was a report that allowed the executive to see performance gaps in their academic programmes. These gaps showed the management the health of the academic programmes.

Financial feasibility and viability analysis of academic programmes.

2020 Strategy Communication Plan & Execution (Higher Education)

My role was to develop a multi-channel communication plan.

The first deliverable was an internet portal. This portal would carry the latest information on the strategy and also be a place where events related to the strategy were maintained.

The second deliverable was an abbreviated, executive view of the strategy. This document would be used to sell the strategy to the University community.

Strategy communication portal development and publication.

Strategy 1 page summaries for staff.

Strategy messaging for various executive meetings and workshops.


Performance Based Budgeting System (Higher Education)

Performance-based budgeting is a resource allocation model that rewards top performing business units and sets better controls for non-performers. The benefit to accounting officers is that budgets are approved based on impact on strategic objectives rather than expense items.

Academic Budgeting System Development.

Performance Management System Documentation, development and implementation.

Budgeting system documentation.


Performance Contracts, Performance Appraisal System and Performance Incentive Plan (Higher Education)

The first phase of this PMS project involved consolidating the strategy and aligning the work of the most senior officers with the strategy.

Within this phase of the project I lead the team in developing job descriptions, performance contracts, performance appraisal tools and the executive incentive plan.

The executive incentive plan will replace the present bonus pay system and link performance with monetary awards.

Alignment of Strategy with Management Job Descriptions.

Alignment of Corporate and People Strategy.

Development of Strategic Job Descriptions.

Development of KPIs for impact.


Academic Structure Audit and Architecture (Higher Education)

The Academic Structure is a central component of Higher Education administration system. It sets all the key business rules for managing the entire business of a University.

Our client had legacy issues that impacted the efficiency that the academic project could produce quality outcomes. My role, as a senior consultant was to analyse the ERP data, identify misalignment with strategy & policy, and define a new architecture for reviewing the alignment going forward.

Systems Architecture

Academic programme, student and staff data analysis.

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