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Areas of expertise

Body sculpting and it's athletability

Diet and nutritional patterns 

Cardiovascular orientation

Power plates supervision

Fitness management and it's administratative


Group cycling instructor

Martial arts teacher

Bodyattack instructor

Golfing it's mental and physical disciplines

           Key achievements

Won fitness manager and best sales person of the yr

2001 and 2002 Liverpool st London fitness first unitedkingdom

Work experience

Apr 2000Aug 2012

Personal trainer/fitness manager/

Fitnessfirst London Liverpool st

I' ve  been working as a personal trainer, and a fitness, manager, for  about ten years within the Fitnessfirst/ healthcity/ branch around Europe and Australia.  My duties were of personal training ,group  with cycling classes and there disciplines,fitness and it's administrative behaviours with regards to existing and new clients to enable proper sporting goals and disciplines.iam a philanthropist and a lover of sports and fitness.

Jul 2011Aug 2012

Personal trainer/coordinator

Fitness first/Health city

As a personal trainer / fitness coordinator my duties consisted of clients personal fitness disciplines and

Well being, there desirth goals and  impediments. 

Jun 2008Oct 2010

Fitness manager

Fitnessfirst// Germany

As a fitness manager my duties consisted of administrative work with members and my personal trainers and there clients to ensure proper conduct is maintained and goals of respected members are meet.

Jul 2005May 2008

Sales administration/ fitness/trainer

Fitness first Melbourne

My duties were to sell the application of membership of fitness and introduce preliminary incentives, like body pk pro,3 lessons at 45 min,each costing 50Australlian dollars per 45 minutes to encourage the basics of physical education to commence and to discuss there desirth goals and intentions.

Nov 2001Jan 2003

Sales and membership administrator

St Andrews golf association

Membership sales and administrative duties eg new client membership  tournaments prepairation  merchandising etc etc

Dec 2000Oct 2001

Personal trainer/fitness manager

Fitness first/Liverpool st

Personal trainer fitness and sales management


Language speaker
Iam also a good football player a motivator of some kind A baseball  basket ball and golf enthusiast of which I give lessons at my spare time.
Personal trainer/Fitness/manager
Ive been a personal trainer for 10 years and shared my experiences of fitness  health and nutrition with the likes of German golfer Martin Khmer a dusselldorf native. Linford Cristie a british sprinter, tessa Sanderson,British javelinist  Colin Jackson a renoun British hurdler, France's Malcolm a 200 meter sprinter.And also speak 4 languages which are German English French and Spanish. My method of exercises  and it's nutritional pattern ,varies from different categories of sports and there disciplines.iam experticed in weight loss programs ,body sculpting ,golf ,exercises,and it's athletability. And sometimes conduct administrative  behaviours to this regard.However iam working in the regard of sports and fitness at healthcity/fitness first,and there sister companies around Europe and australia, as I've endured body building others  to there health and fitness goals.


Solemn. Bervout

Manager of health city Wolwue Brussels belgium

Dudley winner Washington

I've been a professional trainer for ten yrs and ve the required skills requested for in the field of sports and science.

Yuan Luton

Yuan is currently the fitness manager of one of the health city clubs in roger brussels a reference can be obtained from him


Jun 2003Dec 2003

Certificate of physical education /CPR// cardiovascular pulmonary resaucitation/ golfing instructional/education/level 1

ASFA American/school / fitness / association
Jan 1997Feb 2000

Ma/sales marketing business administration

Stratford college

Sales and marketing  certificates were obtained as a part time course 




Jun 2003Dec 2003

Diploma certificate level 1 and 2American school of fitness association

Jun 2003Dec 2003

Level 1 and 2 sports and fitness science/.

Diploma. Level 1 and 2 sports and fitness science