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Work experience

Dec 2008Apr 2009

Shift Leader

I joined HollyWood Video in the beggining of December 2008, i got fired on April, 30th 2009. The Reason i Got fired was because i Was returning some movies i had, and i realized that the SMGR (Store Manager) and a fellow Shift Leader were bothing taking inventory. It was about 1 1/2 hours before the store was open so i did not see how i would be doing somthing wrong if me and my friend stepped in for a minute just to say hello and ask how the inventory was going. Now i do realize it was not very professional, but i do not see how it was bad enough to Terminate me. I thought corrective action would have taken place. There for that is why i no longer am employed by Hollywood Video

My Experiences:

  • Running a Register
  • Finalcial Paper Work
  • Hanndling the deposit, and dropping it off at the bank.
  • training GSR's (General Sales Representatives)
  • SMGR Duties
  • Assistant Managers Duties
  • Direct Sales
  • Sales
  • Customer Relations
  • cumputer skills
  • Taking inventory
Jan 2008Aug 2008

Delivery Boy

Central Pizza

I Left Central Pizza Because i was Promised Promotions, and never received them. Also there was alot of harassment from CO-Workers and Supervisor.

My Experiences:

  • Delivering
  • Cooking
  • Customer Relations
  • Finances


Sep 2004Jun 2008

High Scool Diploma

Red Lion Senior High


Construction / Lifting
My father owns a Constructon/Remodling Company so i worked the past 4 summers and a few months this year with him. Also i go to the Gym atleast 3 times a week and lift.   Skills:   Lift over 100lbs no a decent amount in each Construction field (EX: plumbing, roffing, siding, framing, etc.)  
Customer Relations
I learned Customer relations from both Hollywood Video and Central Pizza.   Customer Relations:   Always put your self in the customers shoes. Do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy. Relate to the customer to make sure they know you understand. Keep eye contact with the customer. Never get angry, always stay cool and calm. Try to make the customer laugh if you feel comfortable enough to.
Working as a Delivery boy for Central pizaa, i learend a few of the tips, and techniques on how to make a fast and proper delivery.     Skills:   Do not hesitate to call the customer so you know for sure where your destination is. if you are not 100% sure where your destination is then look at the map, even if your sure you know where the destination is it dose not hurt to look. Make sure the Package or item is secure in your vehicale so nothing can damage it.
As a Shift Leader at Hollywood video one of my dutys was to sell Power Play (There newist Point Program). There was alot of preasure from the SMGR and District manager. we were required to sell atleast 8 a day, so i had to try many differnt Techniques to try and convince Customers to purchace this program. I learned some very good Techniques, and i learned some of the ones that do not work as well.   Good Techniques:   Approach them as your trying to help them. Do not take no as an answer! Make sure they understand how this can bennifit them Make sure they dont realize how it dose NOT bennifit them. Be sure they are comfortable with you. if you know there personality a little, try to Relate to them. call them by what ever name they our comfortable with. ( EX: " Charlse Wilson" Mr. Wilson or Charlse)     Bad Techniques:   Over explaine it and confuse them, if they dont understand the program they will definitely not buy it. Dont approach the customer as your trying to sell Them something, Dont ever call it a program or plan.  


Get a Godd Reliable Job to support my Family. I am engaged and expecting a baby in late june, 2009 so i am willing to do anything it takes to give my family the life they deserve.


i love learning new Skills so i will be willing to get hired for any Job, as long as there is training if needed.


Lynda Rein