Following his 1973 graduation from The University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Duban Accountancy founder and managing partner Dennis Lawrence Duban garnered the Forbes Gold Medal award for the highest score on the Uniform CPA Examination and subsequently secured a position with a leading accountancy firm. In 1979, he employed his talents in his own firm. More than three decades later, Duban Accountancy, now Duban Sattler and Associates, LLP, remains a reputed and dynamic company, which caters to the needs of individuals, businesses, corporations, estates, and partnerships. Highly experienced in income taxes regulations, Duban Accountancy provides yearlong assistance that goes beyond the annual preparation of forms.

Constantly in touch with shifts in legislation and regulation, the firm ensures that customers do not experience any unwelcome surprises come April 15th. Duban Accountancy encourages frequent consultations so that the staff can gather important information about expenses and income. Qualified to prepare returns for all 50 states, Duban Accountancy also assists clients who require services in tax areas of franchise, sales, business license, general excise, and payroll taxes and preparation. In addition to advising individuals in specialized return solutions, Duban Accountancy provides a backbone to many businesses’ financial management. Qualified in the design of employee insurance plans, executive benefits, or profit shares, Duban Accountancy and Sattler Duban Capital Management also supplies insight into business overhead protection and succession planning.

The company additionally directs patrons in private wealth management, estate and will composition, and professional capital supervision. Committed to giving each customer the necessary attention, Duban Accountancy and Sattler Duban Capital Management welcomes new business on a controlled referral basis. The firm uses an approach that examines all factors in an individual or entity’s financial profile to reach sustainable answers. To learn about the array of services available through Duban Accountancy or schedule a consultation, visit