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Objective: Personnel, Financial and Human Resources related positions             



Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

University of British Columbia

Work Experience


Administrative Assistant (Intern)

Bank of China (Canada)                                                     Vancouver, Canada
  • Offered guidance and assistance to customers, in person and by phone
  • Contacted customer in regard to their billings and account activities
  • Assisted to build comprehensive profiles for clients 
  • Devised new marketing and promotion strategy for the bank
  • Managed incoming and outcoming mails

Academic Advisor & Tutor

Shenzhen Overseas Study Service Center                         Shenzhen, China
  • Provided one-on-one tutorial of TOEFL exam (listening and reading components) for ESL students
  • Edited student's application essays for universities.
  • Offered general counselling for the application process (ongoing).

Administrative Assistant (Intern)

Shenzhen Finance Electronic Settlement Center                 Shenzhen, China
  • Effectively organized files for various commercial banks.
  • Ordered office supplies
  • Edited correspondence
  • Answered direct phone calls
  • Replied to general information requests with the accurate information

Volunteering Experience

2014   Backstage Assistant                at PEAK Chinese Bridge Singing Competition, UBC, Vancouver

  • Guided candidates during rehearsal and informed them the procedure of the competition.
  • Played music for each candidate and ensured that the competition strictly follow the schedule.

  • Calculated grades for each candidates and secured a fair competitive environment.

2010    Teaching Assistant                 at Nanjing Special Kindergarten      Nanjing, China

  • Took care of children with challenges, such as speech disorder, autism, intellectual impairment, etc. 
  • Taught English in class and attended to children's physical activities.
  • Assisted parents and teachers to take better care of their children by giving proper instructions.


2014    Researcher            at University Of British Columbia
- Worked collaboratively to design a randomly assigned experiment to explore the
   connection between food intake and enjoyment of activities.
- Collected data from survey and interpreted data into scientific findings using SPSS.
- Wrote academic report and thoroughly analyzed the findings.