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Over twenty-five years experience in consulting, information systems technology, software engineering and general management, including 15+ years at the SVP/EVP/CEO level. My experience in consulting services and IT product development includes both private and public companies and also includes international management responsibilities in Central America, the U.K. and Europe. I have achieved success in building high-growth, highly profitable organizations in both start-up and turn-around situations as well as in mature organizations.

Work experience

Aug 2007Present


ObTech Corporation

ObTech is a privately held company which designs, develops and markets an award winning handheld physician workflow and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software system. ObTech has been recognized by PocketPC Magazine as well as Microsoft for having a superbly functional wireless product with an incredibly easy user interface while supporting a complete portable EMR. ObTech has recently been named by FundingPost as one of the top 50 emerging companies in the United States. My role in this startup is to locate a continuous source of funding, provide the corporate strategic vision and plan, oversee all operations as well as direct management of the sales, marketing and financial functions. We are currently in a funding round to finance the next phase of development and the inclusion of additional medical specialties.

Apr 2004Aug 2007


Summit Ridge Associates

Summit Ridge Associates, LLC is a privately held company engaged in providing strategic, tactical and operational guidance to both start-up and mature organizations. Our goal is to help young companies navigate the obstacles from initial product definition through funding and stay with them in a mentoring role for the first few years of operations. We also assist mature mid-level companies with strategies for growth and in defining the new processes and systems necessary to support that growth.

Mar 2003Apr 2004

CEO and Vice Chairman

Infohealth Management Corp.

Infohealth is a privately held company engaged in Information Technology departmental outsourcing, and strategic, tactical and operational consulting for healthcare organizations. Infohealth engagements include IT outsourcing at all levels, from CIO and/or senior staff, to the entire IT organization and data center.As CEO, I was responsible for both the strategic vision and for day to day operations of this company. I was brought on board to maintain profitability while positioning the company for high growth over the next five years. In this regard, I developed and received board approval for a new five-year business plan, instituted a new business model and brought on board five new industry leaders to serve as the senior management team.My personal accomplishments during my first year with Infohealth included signing a seven year renewal of the primary full outsourcing client; extending the contract for a highly profitable IT management client in Canada;  and negotiating an exclusive healthcare implementation agreement with one of the leading providers of Business Intelligence systems. I left Infohealth to pursue opportunities advising technology start-up companies.

Mar 1993Jan 2001

Executive Vice President

First Consulting Group, Inc.

Responsibilities during my tenure with FCG included formation and management of several divisions within one of the most successful healthcare information technology services firms in the U.S.These divisions included Implementation Services, Integration Services, Systems Development, Networking, Systems and Technology, Life Sciences, Government Services and FCG Europe.Those groups, within their specialty areas, were responsible for selling and delivering healthcare-related consulting services including strategic planning, system selection, applications development, Web and other network based systems planning, design and development, and implementing and integrating vendor supplied major application systems. My organization began with one person and no revenue and six years later consisted of over 1,200 people, had annual revenues exceeding $150 million and was highly profitable. I was a member of the firm’s Office of the President and its senior management body, the Executive Committee.I was also part of the senior management team that took FCG public in 1998.I retired from FCG effective December 31, 2000.

Jan 1991Mar 1993

General Manager

P&L responsibility for Network Computing Tools and Distributed Applications Environment Strategic Business Units.Direct reports included controller, sales, marketing, product development, support and service managers.Began with small "vision" group, identified market leadership opportunity, prepared full Multi-year Investment Plan (MIP), completed significant market research and analysis and gained approval and funding from TI Group Development Committee.Products involved Internet network computing and distributed applications environment management.Negotiated business partnership agreements with two major computer vendors and the major PC chip manufacturer, with significant funding committed by chip manufacturer. Additionally, my service organization reached profitability in its first year of operation, providing distributed systems consulting and application development services to Fortune 100 corporations.

Aug 1989Jan 1991

Senior Vice President

American Express Health Systems Group

Reported to the president and was a member of the Executive Committee.My organization was responsible for planning, requirements definition and development of existing and new Hospital Information System software.Products ranged from complete on-customer-premises turnkey systems, to shared systems operated in HSG data center.These information systems included patient Admission/Discharges/Transfers, patient care, electronic medical records, patient accounting, accounts receivable and billing, general financials (general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, inventory management) and were operated on a variety of hardware.Responsibilities also included developing other specialty systems (Decision Support systems on PCs; Pharmacy and Radiology systems on DIGITAL equipment) and integrating these plus other vendor supplied systems using a variety of interfaces and LANS.

Jan 1985Aug 1989

Senior Director

Mead Data Central (LEXIS/NEXIS)

Responsible for product development of existing LEXIS/NEXIS electronic research system. Was also responsible for product development of the next generation system, including market research, product planning, advanced technology and research, systems architecture, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance of a new set of MVS/ESA, UNIX and PC-based online systems, products and services.Accomplishments in this position included successful development of a highly effective product planning process, use of the latest Human Factors Engineering techniques for developing user interfaces and a new systems development methodology.My research organization was nationally recognized for advancing the state of the art in natural language processing and data base and distributed systems search engines and algorithms. The LEXIS/NEXIS system encompassed the world's largest full-text data base, 18 large IBM and AMDAHL mainframes, 14 front-end communication processors, a large private WAN, customer equipment including Wang, Dec and IBM mini and super-mini computers and Windows based PCs.

Aug 1977Jan 1985


Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.

My organization was responsible for all design, development and field installation support of the GCOS 8 Mainframe Operating System, the Systems and Applications Software Implementation Facility with its associated PL6 and C compilers, run-time and software factory tools.Also responsible for File and Storage Management software, defining system architecture and long-range development planning. During my tenure as Project Engineer and manager at Honeywell, I played a primary role in the successful planning, development and introduction of a major new mainframe computer operating system.GCOS 8 was successfully introduced into the field and for many years was operational in over two thousand sites worldwide.

Jan 1973Aug 1977

Senior Systems Analyst

Department of Defense, WWMCS ADP Directorate

Responsible for development of security enhancements, quality assurance, test and problem correction of operating system, compiler, data base, communications, remote computer and major applications software for the World Wide Military Command and Control Systems (WWMCCS).I was also responsible for documentation, release and installation of the software at major Department of Defense command and control sites throughout the United States and Europe.


Jan 1970May 1972


Graduated "With Distinction"