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Work experience

Aug 2011May 2012

Chef / Server

Courtlands Catering
(Temporary work) This job gave me a variety of experiences and enviroments to work in. A typical work day would involve ariving between 6am-7am. The first task was to get the kitchen prepared for the multiple daily orders. I would follow printed menu items and the directions of the head and sous chefs. Food prep and cooking for a clients typical order would take anywhere from 1-6 hours, depending on the size of the order. After the orders have been completed, the staff would clean up and transport the menu items to our dining hall location, or at the location the client decided to use as their venue. I would then help to set-up the food stations along with any decor to go with it. Next, we would serve the guests their menu items. After the event(i.e. weddings, receptions, graduations, etc.) we clean up, give the client as much take home food as they would like, then go back to the kitchen and put up the leftovers. A typical event such as a wedding, would be an 8-16hr day.
Aug 2011Apr 2012

Logistics Coordinator

Bethany World Prayer Center
I received this job out of an internship program I did with Bethany World Prayer Center. This position was related to the church's youth ministry. The logistics coordinator position dealt with large food orders, keeping tack of American express card reciepts, and managing a $60,000 budget. Our ministry was going out to jr. high and high schools during their breakfast or lunch periods and sharing a Bible lesson with them. We would also bring them granola bars for the mornings and pizza for the lunch periods. The number would vary a little from year to year, but we averaged around 30 schools that we would go to during the week. I would also correspond with the 20-30 people who oversaw their school. I also established business relationships with the local pizza store managers to coordinate large order deliveries all over the greater Baton Rouge area. At the end of each month, I would receive the credit card report and match every receipt to the statement. The receipts would vary in number as well, but I usually kept track of approximately 40-60 each month. One day a week I would go to Sam's Club and purchase an average of $350 worth of napkins, paper plates, chips, and granola bars. That same day I would bring all the supplies along with the granola bars to the church. That way, after the service, the leaders would come by and pick up their supplies they needed for the school they oversaw. This was a weekly occurance. 
Mar 2008Jun 2009

Banquet Houseman

Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa

This job gave me great experience in banquets and hospitality. My title for this position was called a banquet houseman. The general duties of a houseman is to set-up for weddings, receptions, business meetings, conferences, etc. After the event we would break down the tables, chairs, and other furniture in the room. During certain meetings, we would go into the room and "refresh" the room. This would include refilling the water pitchers, picking up the trash, adding more candy to candy bowls, and more importantly to reset the room to look as nice as possible without disturbing where our clients had laid there belongings. If there was anything heavy that needed to be moved anywhere in the hotel, the houseman were the ones to do it. Hospitality is also a part of our job. Anytime a client or a guest would pass by, we would greet them and ask if they needed help finding anything.

I really enjoyed this job as I feel a strong ability for hospitality. I love to interact with our guest as much as they need or want. 



When I graduate from the University of Alabama, I want to take the knowledge and skills that I have learned and work on the international missions fields. I have a great interest in helping others and spreading the Gospel to all those in need. To make this dream a reality I would like to would domestically most months of the year as a dietician. I am interested in the field of sports nutrition. My goal is to work and consult with professional sports teams. Ultimately I would prefer to be staffed by one particular team, but I am open to the idea of multiple consultants.


Aug 2010Jun 2011

Young Minister

Bethany World Prayer Center/Pastor Joel Stockstill