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My love and passions are games and game design. I love creating worlds and characters, writing stories, creating game rules, mechanics and structures. I am fascinated and obsessed with all types of games; from my first love of strategy games to board games, card games, pen & paper games and other video games. I also have a great curiosity of technology and experimenting with new platforms - with experience in Mobile and Virtual Reality.

I am a professional Game Designer, with proven industry experience. I've worked primarily with Mobile and Free2Play games but I also have experience with VR, console and PC.

Prior to my professional career, I was an amateur game developer. I worked on level content and game mods for a variety of games. The greatest of which was Tiberian Sun Rising - a re-imagining of Westwood Studio's Tiberian Sun, recreated in EA's C&C3: Tiberium Wars engine.



Please find my showreel demonstrating some of the games I have designed. If you have printed this please scan the QR code with your mobile device to view.


Game Design

Game Design is by far my strongest skill I have experience designing game rules, mechanics and structures for a variety of game types including strategy, RTS, collectable card games, management tycoons, puzzle design, hidden object and more. I absolutely love design challenges and especially game types I haven't designed before.  I pride myself on being able to adapt to new game types quickly. I stay up to date with game design trends and player communities on multiple platforms. By staying in touch with the users experience it allows me to more easily step into their shoes.

Free 2 Play

Understanding of Free 2 Play principles and how it affects game design I have experience designing game loops, monetization, retention, meta-game, game economy and social features. I also have live-game experience adjusting the balancing and pacing of the game to allow for new content or address problems identified post launch.


I have experience writing short stories I particularly enjoy deconstructing mystery narrative. I wrote the narrative design for the My Little Pony game and also ensured written dialog matched character manner & personality. At CnC Source, I regularly wrote game reviews, web site content, and fan fiction.  I am currently furthering my writing development and am focusing on more on character writing & development.

3D Modelling & Animation

I am experienced with 3D Studio Max & Blender for 3d modelling, animation and texturing game assets and preparing them for integration. In particular done a lot of low poly modelling but have experience high detail work as well. 


I have accumulated Leadership experience from my roles of Product Manager, Lead Designer, volunteer Karate Instructor and Founder at CnC Source. I've learnt some very valuable lessons in this area over the years I can lead and direct others, effectively delegate, make and implement decisions and provide a strong vision. I aspire to bring value to others but also to increase the value of the team members around me through coaching and support.


Time management, task prioritisation and scoping I've found to be essential skills as a game designer and as well as in production. I start iterating ideas quickly, fail fast and work to find the fun game designs. I self-manage and track of my time on tasks, prioritise my own task backlog which allows me to keep organised and productive. When it comes to team management, helping  team members achieve their goals, and engaging the team in the design process expands the creative base at the beginning of the process and increases team ownership of the product.

Visual Design & Drawing

I have extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop which I've used for visual design, UI Design, texturing 3D models and web design. I have a graphics tablet which I've used for texturing and detailing 3d models using hand drawn techniques. I have more recently started digital painting & drawing and am furthering the development of my drawing skills.


I have experience programming with Java and C# as my primary languages. I have written Java applications from scratch when studying for my degree and I've had experience using Unity for level design, prototyping game ideas and balancing & testing of games. 

Work History

David Thompson

Oct 2015Present

Designer & Producer, Consultant

Melbourne, Australia

I am working from The Arcade office space in Melbourne I am responsible for prototyping new game ideas, my own skill development and providing expertise to other developers. I accomplished revival of the Tiberian Sun Rising project and developing more expertise with Unity. I've learned more about self-management, time management & prioritization, organizing & planning effectively and adopting a more entrepreneurial mindset.


Apr 2015Sep 2015

Product Manager

Berlin, Germany
Pearls Peril (iOS)

I worked at Wooga as a Product Manager on Pearls Peril (iOS) a hidden object game. I was responsible for bi-weekly releases, maintaining product backlog, sprint planning, product roadmap, QA and coordinating with other departments. I accomplished backwards compatibility support for older iOS devices for the product and A/B testing a variety of features. I learned about live operations, leadership,  performing A/B tests, improved soft skills, prioritisation, effective delegation and team management.


Feb 2014Jan 2015

Lead Game Designer

Wellington, New Zealand
Turbo FAST (Mobile), Into the Dead VR (GearVR, Oculus), Monsters Ate My Metropolis (Mobile)

I worked at PikPok as a Game Designer on a number of titles. I was responsible for designing new features for existing games, communicating designs clearly to the team and designing game rules, loops & structure for new games. I accomplished designing & releasing a multiplayer mode for Turbo FAST, redesigned Into the Dead for virtual reality and produced the game design for Monsters Ate My Metropolis. I learned a lot about meta-game, asynchronous multiplayer, analytics, game balancing, collectible card game design and rarity systems.


Sep 2012Feb 2014

Game Designer

Melbourne, Australia
Wander (PC, Playstation 4)

I volunteered my expertise to work with Wander as a Game Designer, I was responsible for capturing the product vision, design documentation & communication of design and virtual reality research. I accomplished scoping down the project into an understandable game design, designed player interaction & cooperation gameplay features and designed the dreamscape a world map & progression system. I learned a lot about designing for virtual reality, narrative design, exploration game design, project funding process, tradeshows and project scoping & planning. 

Note: initially full-time, I switched to part-time on Wander when I began my employment at Appster in February 2013.

Feb 2013Dec 2013

Project Manager

Melbourne, Australia

I worked at Appster as a Project Manager I was responsible for meeting with clients, remote management of development teams and reviewing project budgets & scope. I accomplished delivering a number of small game projects for clients, establishing Appster's game development pipeline and transitioning development teams to Unity. I learned about solving pipeline problems, clearing bottlenecks for development teams, budgeting, improved time management and productivity techniques.


Feb 2011Jul 2012

Lead Game Designer

Auckland, New Zealand
Silent Ops(iOS) and My Little Pony (Mobile)

I worked at Gameloft as a Game Designer I was responsible for writing & maintaining game design documentation, gameplay design, incorporating free2play and grey boxing level designs. I accomplished finishing level design work for Silent Ops bringing the game to completion, designing the game systems, rules and gameplay for My Little Pony and designing post-launch content & features. I learned about free 2 play game design, designing UX/UI for mobile & touch, game economies & monetization, narrative design, social features and level design.

CnC Source

Nov 2001Nov 2011


Melbourne, Australia
"Tiberian Sun Rising"
  Mod for C&C3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

I founded CnC Source and worked as the Webmaster I was also the Designer & Producer for CnC Source's game mod projects. I was responsible for team recruitment & management, content writing & website maintenance, game mod project design & production. I accomplished establishing CnC Source as one of the top C&C websites in the community, driving Tiberian Sun Rising to beta, creating a functional & productive game team across 5 different time zones with a team of volunteers up to 20 people. I learned a ton about every facet and every role in the game development process, 3d modelling & animation, game asset texturing, game design & level design, team recruitment & management, game production & leadership, game balancing, learnt a lot about game engines & coding and much more.

Game Credits

  • Product Manager - Pearls Peril (iOS) Wooga, 2015
  • Lead Game Designer – Monsters Ate My Metropolis (iOS/Android) PikPok, 2014
  • Game Designer – Into The Dead (Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift) PikPok, 2014
  • Game Designer Turbo FAST  (iOS/Android) PikPok, 2014
  • Game/Level Designer - Check Mates (PC) Global Game Jam, 2014
  • Game Designer – Wander (PC, Mac, Linux, Oculus Rift, PS4) Wander, 2012-2013
  • Game/Level Designer - Little Red Hiding Hood (PC) Global Game Jam, 2013
  • Game Designer - Jormungandr (PC) Global Game Jam, 2012
  • Lead Game Designer ‘My Little Pony (iOS/Android) Gameloft, 2011-2012
  • Level Designer ‘Silent Ops (iOS) Gameloft, 2011
  • Game/Level Designer - Whip Frog (PC) Global Game Jam 2011
  • Designer/ Producer‘Tiberian Sun Rising (PC Mod) CnC Source, 2006-2013


Swinburne University of Technology

Feb 2005Nov 2009

Bachelor's Degree, Multimedia Software Development

Studied Game Design, Programming, 3D Modelling/Art and Website/UX Design. Including a year abroad working for Orbit Research as a Designer for a work placement.


Axis Agile

Sep 2013Present

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training (CSPO)

For my role at I was certified as a Product Owner with Axis Agile I learned Agile principles, kanban, vision creation, backlog refinement and maintenance, creating user stories, requirement mapping and release planning and more.

Awards & Achievements

  • Check Mates - 2014 - Global Game Jam Melbourne Best Game
  • Little Red Hiding Hood - 2013 - Global Game Jam Melbourne Best Audio
  • Whip Frog - 2011 - Global Game Jam Melbourne Judges Favourite
  • Whip Frog – Featured in “Game Development with Blender” - Cengage Learning PTR, 2013
  • Tiberian Sun Rising - 2009-11 - ModDB Voted Top 100 MOTY for 3 years in a row
  • Turbo FAST (iOS/Android), PikPok, 2014 reached 50 Million Players
  • My Little Pony (iOS/Android), Gameloft, 2012 reached 50 Million Players

Hobbies & Interests

  • People
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Pastry practitioner
  • Travel & culture
  • Games & game development
  • Karate