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  My background comprises Business Development, Marketing, Operations, Engineering Management, and Supply Chain expertise. I developed real personal knowledge and insight by leading Business Development, Sales, Operations, and Engineering teams both domestically in the US and internationally in Japan while coordinating with European counterparts. I successfully applied this experience commercially in the Automotive and Semiconductor industries and in Defense/ Military applications. Because I have sound principle centered multicultural and multi-industry experience and a positive people-centric attitude I provide high value influence to organizations seeking business growth.


  • Author – Book title “Becoming Re-Successful”. Teaches business professionals in US companies how to alter their mindsets so that they can effectively implement Lean and other proven Japanese product development principles across their organizations
  • Unified three conflicted internal groups to achieve consensus on strategy, then implemented an effective supply chain management system for procurement of digital and RF electronic product through contract manufacturers and other suppliers
  • Led a simultaneous Engineering team, successfully cutting product development time by 50%
  • Established, started up, and managed a $20M technical center in Yokohama, Japan (including site selection, contractor management, construction management)
  • Drawing on personal integrity, interpersonal relationship skills, along with language and cultural understanding, worked with HR team to attract, hire, and train a staff of 20 Japanese engineers and technicians to develop and apply new products for Japanese automakers
  • Directed a $70M multinational business unit including Sales, Engineering, and Program Management teams in developing and launching new products for Japanese automotive customers
  • Led an integration team  for a new acquisition partner. Our team integrated the marketing, customer service, product development and sales functions into our existing parent company business structure.
  • Managed a national sales team - $100M annual sales revenue for a niche seatbelt manufacturer; broadened customer base by winning business from a Japanese customer
  • Started up a $25M manufacturing facility, supervising 80 production and manufacturing Engineering personnel to produce automotive safety products on high volume automated assembly equipment
  • Through social networks and personal business relationships, I worked with other consultants to expand our network to market and develop business start up and management services to businesses owners and entrepreneurs

General Management, Supply Chain Management, Japanese Business Development, New Product Development, Start up Operations, JV Negotiations, Change Management, Technical Management, Sales Management, Project Management