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More than 15 years of experience at Divisional and Executive Business/Managerial positions with IT Service and Airline industries. Startup, general management and P&L responsibility of the Brazilian subsidiary operation with a global IT service provider (Worldspan/Travelport), representing seven consecutive yearly sales, profitability and market-share records.Implementation and management of winning marketing strategy that generated sources of competitive advantage through pioneer introduction of innovative business solutions that supported aggressive business models.In-depth experience with B2B IT service value delivery chains, including the conception and implementation of process-based, customer-oriented business approach that replaces traditional organizational model.

A track record of success on leading sales teams, with increased functional segregation and customer segmentation tactics supported by well-balanced, individual performance planning process.Expertise on managing brand positioning through structured communication tactics.


Business Development Director – Latin America

Business Software/IT Services Industry

Travel IT and Services Industry

Airline Industry

Work experience


Country Manager

Worldspan by Travelport

·Redefined corporate strategy for Brazil and successfully renegotiated the conversion of a joint-venture agreement to a wholly owned subsidiary operation, which generated net profits of US$10MM in 7 years and seven consecutive yearly gross revenue, profitability and market-share records.

·Conceived a process-based, customer-solution oriented approach and led multidisciplinary teams to replace the traditional organizational model on local B2B services including consultative sales, training, help-desk and technical support, driving a 15% staff productivity increase and allowing for the incorporation of improved intelligence that enabled lateral expansion of subsidiary activities.

·General management of subsidiary’s structure, budget and P&L including staffing, capital and operational expenses and local contracts to reduce total and transaction costs, such as the relocation of its country headquarters, which allowed savings of US$200K in 30 months, as well as efficiency and interactivity gains through an open-office concept, and the consequent improvement in organizational climate as an added benefit.

·Intensified functional segregation in B2B sales structure and delivered customer segmentation levels in accordance with business segment, transaction and profitability levels which, supported by an individual performance planning process, allowed for increment of sales in the order of USD300K in one year and a 4% rise on existing customer base productivity in a 20%-year retreating market.

·Managed brand positioning when balanced the suppliers’ offense and influence on stakeholders’ perception of technology agents’ role in the travel business chain by founding and coordinating ABGEV’s (Brazilian Chapter of NBTA) Technology Committee, which results and structured communication tactics positioned Worldspan as a pioneer player on proposing innovative alternate and viable business and technology models to the existing challenges at the marketplace.

·Developed and implemented B2B marketing strategy based upon pioneer and wide-scale utilization of GDS XML solutions in country, which allowed Worldspan’s positioning as a local leader in travel e-commerce, doubling its market-share to 8% from 2004 to 2007.

·Developed and implemented competitive strategies that led the Brazilian unit to be the first (among 65 countries) to fully convert customer base to (at the time) incipient web-based solutions which increased operation efficiencies, saved yearly US$650K in communication infrastructure costs and generated sources of competitive advantage through more seamless customer service processes.


Regional Director, Commercial

VASP Airlines

·Managed sales operations in the Federal States of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo and increased return rates through adequate planning of sales mix among direct, indirect and franchise agents, along with corporate sales, improving gross revenues by 8% to US$ 55 million from Oct/1999 to Oct/2000.

·Successful renegotiation of code-share agreements with Sabena and Continental Airlines, which resulted in the conversion of monthly losses in the order of US$200K to profits of US$100K.


Manager, International Sales

Transbrasil Airlines

·Conceived and led a quality program to cease revenue evasion at air services between Brazil and Europe, which resulted in additional revenues of US$60,000 per flight, or almost US$10M in 12 months.

·Resolution of complex problems, as the development of a consultancy project with TAP, Delta and Swissair to implement a CRM program with a “frequent-flyer” module, which became the foundation for its fidelity program “Transpass”, launched in 1998.

·Determination of tactical marketing that redefined commercial policies involving distribution, settlement and guarantees of air services’ inventory from São Paulo to Orlando, FL. during high-season, resulting on average payment anticipation of 45 days, reducing no-show ratio in 30% and doubling the volume of sales of São Paulo Regional office.



Sales Management & Distribution Strategy
Strategic Marketing Management
Business Unit Management
Strategic Planning