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A respected expert in diabetes research and endocrinology, Dr. Willa Hsueh has earned accolades from the scientific community for her work. As Director of the Diabetes Research Center at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, Dr. Willa Hsueh earned recognition as one of the Best Doctors in America for her work in endocrinology. She has held this national honor in recognition of her contribution to the field since 1997. More recently, Dr. Hsueh was recognized as the Chinese American Physician of the Year in 2002. In the same year, she earned membership in the elite Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars.

In recognition of her excellent research work, Dr. Willa Hsueh has received substantial private industry support and state funding. For instance, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund supports her research with $250,000 a year and her close colleagues' research with $5 million over five years. In addition, Dr. Hsueh functions as an integral part of the team at The Methodist Hospital, which successfully requested a $1.2 million grant from Houston Endowment and Cullen Foundation for Healthcare. The project endeavors to increase early detection of diabetes and to perform interventional research to increase understanding of developmental mechanisms of diabetes in Denver Harbor, an underserved community. 

Dr. Willa Hsueh prides herself on her achievements of her trainees. At least 24 have accepted top-level positions in pharmaceutical companies, teach at prestigious institutions worldwide, and have received research grants from the National Institutes of Health. Due to Dr. Willa Hsueh’s fine teaching skills, two of the fellows she mentored have won awards for outstanding abstracts at the national meetings for Experimental Biology and The Endocrine Society in 2010. In 2007, Dennis Breummer, another of her protégés, won the Harry Goldblatt Award from the American Heart Association. She continues to prove herself as an integral member of the scientific community through her research and the accomplishments of those she has instructed.

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Chief of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Hypertension

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