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Dr. Wilco has been a relentless researcher in the fields of health and nutrition for over 20 years and has personally dedicated his life to the diet and lifestyle that he recommends. He believes there is a diet that the human species is biologically designed to thrive on. It is this species specific approach that has promoted the unconditional radiant health and well-being that he enjoys.

After obtaining several certifications in Nutrition, he completed a PhD in Natural Health and Lifestyle from the University of Natural Health, USA. As a Hygienic Doctor, Wilco follows the Laws of Nature and looks to Mother Nature for the answers humanity needs to regain its pristine health. Combined with his studies, his personal health journey and years of life observations, Wilco has helped many individuals succeed on their path to better wellness.

The Philosophy of Natural Hygiene takes the stance that this is in fact our collective and
individual birthright. Looking at society today, it appears we have strayed from the path and it is time to re-evaluate. Through his work as a Raw Food Chef and as a public speaker, Dr. Wilco is helping to wake-up the world to important truths and is letting it it taste the real flavors of life again. His gained knowledge is for anyone looking to discover the hidden treasures of abundant energy, mental clarity, youthful looks and a life free of degenerative disease.

Please remember that:

“Your Body is Your Vehicle for Your Spiritual Experience”

Work History

Nov 2014Nov 2015

Raw Chef

Health food store

I was hired to design and create 'Take-Away' Raw Food at a popular health food store in Ibiza town. Also here I had a perfect opportunity to explore my Raw wild Side, as the food was extremely popular and the returning clients kept my creative skills tuned.

July 2014Nov 2014

Raw Chef

Health Cafe, Ibiza

I was hired to design and create new Raw Desserts for the several chain  health cafe's here in Ibiza. It was a great opportunity to explore my very creative side and see again for myself what is possible in the Raw Food kitchen. This was a seasonal position.

Feb 2014Jun 2014

Head Chef

The Rabbit Hole, San Rafael

After my arrival on the island I was fortunate to have landed the position as chef of the raw food selection in this funky Vegan cafe in San Rafael. My food was very well received, but unfortunately this establishment had to close it doors due to poor location. 

Jan 2014Present


'Your Original Health'

Through my new website I am offering people to find their path to 'Original Health' again. My passion is to 'Empower' people with enough information to take care of their own health through private health retreats at home or when on vacation

Nature is my only true  guide when helping people on their health path. My studies and life experiences support that only Mother Nature has the wisdom to bring us back to health when her 'laws of Life' are respected. Unconditional health is our 'Birth right.'

May 2002Nov 2013

Consulting and Cheffing

I have been health consulting with people since 2002. It has been an inspiring journey helping people to 'Empower' themselves. This empowering that I offer is my driving force to continue in educating one person at a time. And as it has become clear that the consumption of animal products diseases the body the  creating of  Vegan and/or Raw cuisine is the inspiring ingredient to make people see that one can eat deliciously without taking an animals life.

Jul 2013Nov 2013

Head chef

Wala Room

I was involved with helping with the transition of a regular restaurant into a  more Vegan and Raw cuisine. I was creating: Vegan pizzas, burgers, various other meatless meals, and lots of raw dishes that were enthusiastically received by its regular clients and tourists alike.

Jun 2013Aug 2013


Life Coaching

I worked with an inspiring man to completely turn around his life-style. I coached Luis into the 'Vegan Raw Diet'. As a body builder he was strictly eating  a meat and diary menu and now he had to become entirely animal products free. In several weeks he already noticed a great "burden" coming from his body. He started to feel: Younger, Lighter, and more Energetic on a daily basis. There are not many clients that I consulted that adapted to a completely different life-style, practically overnight, as well as Luis did. He is a true inspiration.

"I met Dr Wilco a few months ago and he helped to start my journey through raw food! I really thank for his help!! Since I started his program I began to feel more awake and energized. Everything start to go better: my health, skin color, my mood, I feel much more energized. As a weight lifter everyone was saying that I was going to lose weight and muscle, because of the low intake of protein! What a myth!!! Isn't true at all!! I just feel fantastic, it is a big experience!! He helped me much and I am happy! Keep on raw !!!"

Luis Leao

Los Alcázares




Private Client

I am very happy with the personal service I received by Dr. Wilco. His wisdom and wealth of information was truly inspiring and motivating. His  logical approach that supports the intelligence of Mother Nature should be taught in schools. Also I love the food he prepares. I am cleansing and rejuvenating my life. He was and continues to be professional and helpful on my change of diet and lifestyle.

B.K. Sotogrande Spain

Nov 2012Jul 2013

Health Consultant & Chef

Eden Retreats

I had the pleasure of working together with: Eden Retreats' to provide luxurious health vacations in Spain and Iceland. We were striving to offer health education in a pampering environment together with various activities and sports. We provided first class alive cuisine to our clients to make sure that they were supported on their new found path. Our detox programs were catered to all walks of life for a guaranteed result.

Jan 2010Apr 2011

Diet Consultant & Health Food Chef

Finca de Vida (see resume)

See Reference

The Farm of Life is a retreat center up in the mountains of Costa Rica. It's lush environment, stunning views, organic fruits, clean air, vibrant spring water, and peaceful settings make it the ideal place for people that need to take a few steps back to claim their health back.

At the farm we were constantly improving the clients needs as they desired to embrace a healthier lifestyle. We gave them just that. A amazing setting with the best foods , support and environmental surroundings. A place you can call home.

I have worked there for over a year and the experiences gained at this beautiful place are priceless. I have seen all walks of life come through there and it is amazing to observe that they all had one thing in common: They were all sick and tired, of being, "Sick and Tired." People allover the globe are awakening to the truth that the medical faculties are not providing them with the health they are being promised. The dependency on the pharmaceutical drugs and the medical treatments are a huge burden on the livelihoods of the many, and offer no real health improvements.

We followed the instinctive system of "Natural Hygiene" which supports the knowledge that with the right lifestyle, meaning: The consuming of whole unadulterated foods and the minimizing of toxic build-up in the body, we will give the body back its natural equilibrium where it can heal itself. To restore it's natural state of health that we are all born with.

Jul 2006Nov 2009

Health Chef

Pink Island restaurant

With great pleasure I helped promoting the Vegetarian cuisine on the beautiful island of Bermuda where the words Vegetarian, less Vegan, were not very popular. Our customers truly enjoyed the Veggie options we had on our menu, and I enjoyed the freedom I attained to explore new dishes with an island flavor. Sadly this beautiful restaurant had to close it doors after the land was bought up.

Apr 2005Aug 2005

Head Chef


Employed for the position of 'Head Chef' for this tiny yet romantic  Vegan restaurant near Barcelona, Spain. I initially enjoyed working here until I learned that the owner was insane and abused my hard work  and good intentions. I quit several months later.

May 2002Mar 2005

Head Chef (see resume)


For three years I was the head chef at beautiful Samasati where I prepared a 'Vegan Buffet for lunch and dinner for mostly Yoga groups. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and learned a lot about preparing delicious meals with little ingredients. The results were praised by many.

Sep 2001Feb 2002

Private Cheffing (see resume)

Paul Deland

See Reference

Food Images

Please find a few images from some of the Raw food I have prepared.


May 2001Present

Food Safety Program
Jul 1988Present

Commerce Diploma


 My objective is to expand the information that is out there when it comes to health & well-being. I continuously encourage myself to find more ways to help people find their own path of health. The empowering is challenging, but rewarding. I am a big believer that "The Truth Will Set You Free." There is great joy into feeling liberated from the conditioning of our lives.

Together with the creativity in the RAW Kitchen I will continue to inspire more people to follow a path of natural health, as it is so important to individual and our Global health situation. We have to live more sustainable and an animal free diet is crucial.


I enjoy the practice of yoga which I find personally the ideal exercise to tone and strengthen which is essential for total well-being.

I am very intrigued when it comes to the mysteries of the cosmos, of life overall. The Universal laws that exist and so influence our lives.

I have been traveling for many years now, and I enjoy the experiences you gain by visiting other cultures.

I see myself as an artist. I love to create something artistic, it being a healthy dish, painting, sculpture or tool. I find it very meditative to dive into a creative project.

Besides the usual literature about health and well-being I enjoy the occasional novel full of mystery and secrets, like Dan Browns books.

I enjoy hiking and camping, being in nature as much as I can.

Like most people I enjoy a good movie, all type of genres, it creates great perspectives.