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I bring with me over 15 years of scientific, analytical, and QA experience. I have a very high attention to detail, and professional communication skills. I will strengthen your company with my excellent work ethic, team spirit, and high professional standards.

I have experience with many PC operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. I have experience with the Microsoft Office suite of programs including Word, Excel, Front Page, and Power Point. I have been an experienced computer user since 1983.

Work experience

E.W.U. Chemistry Department

Cheney, WA    Sep 1989 - Dec 1992

Teaching Assistant

• Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe laboratory environment, preparation of reagents, assisting students with laboratory exercises, wet chemistry techniques, proper equipment operation, and grading laboratory reports for courses including Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Quantitative Analysis. I acquired improved skills and problem solving techniques, and developed a better understanding of the tools used by the professional chemist.

Inland Environmental Laboratories, Inc.

Spokane Valley, WA   Feb 1993 - Nov 1993

Analytical Chemist

• Responsible for conducting instrumental analysis using Plasma Emission ICP, GC/MS, Flame AA, GFAA, UV/VIS, and HPLC

• Wet chemistry laboratory methods including digestions, titrations and extractions

• Responsible for the preparation of standards, controls, and laboratory samples

• Development of MS Excel spreadsheets for the management of laboratory SPC charts

• All laboratory operations utilized US EPA methodologies

Honeywell Electronic Materials, Inc.

Spokane Valley, WA    Feb 1994 - Jun 2000

Analytical Chemist

• Responsible for the preparation of standards, controls, and samples of high purity metal alloys

• Management of laboratory SPC charts

• Continual review and rewrite of analytical laboratory procedures

• Acquired knowledge of the techniques used in the analysis of solid materials for trace and major constituent content

• Responsible for executing other analysis and data interpretation including Titrations, AA Spectroscopy using aPerkin-Elmer 5100PC Flame AA Spectrometer and a Varian SpectrAA 220 Flame AA Spectrometer, and Mass Spectroscopyusing a Fisons VG9000 Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer (GD/MS)

Time Jewelry, Inc

Spokane, WA    Jun 2000 - Dec 2003

Internet Business Manager/Web Master/Sales Associate

• Website developer for the store’s internet jewelry business

• Management, processing, packaging, and shipment of sold items on eBay and

• Development and management of the business website,

• In-store retail sales duties

Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC                            Aug 2005 - Aug 2007

ELR Consulting, Inc. (Temp to Hire)Jan 2005 - Aug 2005

G-Force Engineering, Inc. (Temp to Hire)Jan 2004 - Jan 2005

Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID  83401

Site Project Manager Designee (SPM), Acceptable Knowledge Expert (AKE), GC/MS Operations Chemist, Independent Technical Reviewer (ITR), Technical Supervisor (TS), Quality Assurance Officer (QA)

• Project-level verification and validation of Assay, Real-Time Radiography, GC/MS, Visual Exam, and Coring batch data reports to DOE and WIPP Waste Acceptance Criteria

• Participation in WIPP CBFO, DOT, and DOE audits

• Support to other data validation, quality assurance, certification, data reconciliation and operations personnel to ensure data quality objectives are met

• Operation of an Agilent HGAS GC/MS system utilizing US EPA SW-846 8260 methodology, and the generation of HGAS GC/MS Batch Data Reports

• Operation of a Varian DVS GC/MS system utilizing US EPA SW-846 8260 methodology, and the generation of DVS GC/MS Batch Data Reports

• Continual review and rewrite of documents and checklists including the Data Validation, DVS and HGAS formal procedures

• Obtained and held many qualifications including Trainer & Assessor, Radiation Worker II, 24-Hour HAZWOPER, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulatory compliance

DRT Worldwide, LLC

Bainbridge Island, WA    09/2007 – Present


I have been working full time at home managing and operating an online business which included eBay, and I designed and built a website,, and set up company financial operations for online ecommerce selling various types of musical instruments. I have very recently shut down all internet operations, because I am preparing to re-enter the workplace on a full time basis.


Sep 1985Jun 1992

Bachelor of Science Degree

Eastern Washington University

Minor in Physics

Minor in Mathematics


McGoran, E. C.; Melton, C.; Taitch, D., GC/MS of Unknown Esters for Teaching MS Fragmentation Patterns:A Combination Organic Experiment for Esterifying Unknown Alcohols and Determining their Structures by GC/MS. J. Chem. Educ. 1996, 73(1), 88.

Students received an unknown pentanol, and prepared its acetate, using acetyl chloride in presence of polymer-bound DMAP, a super-acylation catalyst. The structure of the ester product was determined from the MS obtained, using a GC/MS instrument. Rules for the MS fragmentation of acetates were compiled and illustrated by equations. Students worked together in groups of three to match fragmentation rules with actual MS data to identify each of three different unknowns, assigned individually for the conversion of their acetates.