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Successful, results-oriented, Medical Education professional with a solid record of accomplishments emphasizing neuroscience training and management of Key Opinion Leader relationships in a highly competitive, rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry.Established business development leadership, problem solving, planning and organizational skills resulting in strong, credible strategic alliances creating timely, cost-effective and highly-rated educational programs.

Work experience

Jul 2004Present

Sr Medical Education Associate

·Recognized leader across Neuroscience Platform Team and Medical Education

·Consultant and Core Team Member for several Six Sigma projects, saving the company 14 million dollars

·Provided technical data and disease-state education to the life sciences community (over 12,000 Health Care Physicians in 2008)

·Project management and implementation of global educational programs (Global Medical Conferences and symposia) across the Neuroscience Platform (average 25 per year)

·Responsible for Medical Information at global congresses; to be cost-effective and green, decided to electronically distribute manuscript reprints

·Led the affiliate medical and promotional congress global approval process eliminating redundancy and saving time

·Keen sense in critical evaluation of programs, publications, and presentations, reducing the time to review

·Coordinate and implement medical education strategy for medical teams applying marketing messages and scientific objectives from Brand Councils

·Develop a slide set process to increase efficiency and consistency across the company

·Skillfully influential and credible in the development of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

·Created and developed the Neuroscience Theater cross-functionally for marketing teams responding directly to customer feedback (see Awards below)

·Produced a robust set of educational resources (CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, Pamphlets) to ensure the successful global launch of several indications and molecules

Jul 2003Jul 2004

Sr Scientific Communications Associate

·Effective leader of a collaborative working relationships across medical, marketing, conference management, procurement, and compliance to define and deliver medical education programs

·Created the Global Medical Education role across the Neuroscience Platform Team

·Responsible for content of neurology medical education symposia and medical conferences

·Planned, facilitated, created content, developed, and owned comprehensive clinical presentations and slide sets

·Coordinated and implemented CME strategy for neuroscience teams

·Expert in Global Policies and Compliance Practices, Ethical Interactions with Health Care Physicians, and financial responsibility policies

·Project Director, successfully overseeing up to five diverse vendors for programs

·Maintained up-to-date knowledge of Neuroscience therapeutic area

·Worked with Key Opinion Leaders to create and write scienitific communications under tight timelines and deadlines 

·Medical writer for regulatory submissions and journal articles

·Publication Coordinator

·Planned, wrote, edited, and reviewed medical communications

·Responsible for several Ad Hoc advisory boards and steering committees

Jun 2000Jun 2003


Department of Psychology, Cognitive and Clinical Neuropsychology, Indiana University, Advisor: J Stout, PhD

·Studied the underlying judgmental processes of decision-making in drug abusers using cognitive mathematical modeling and other personality assessments

·Investigated the inhibitory reasoning processes in drug abusers in the clinical setting

Jun 2001Aug 1998


                      Department of Developmental Biology, Neuroteratology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Advisor: C Vorhees, PhD

·Examined the methamphetamine effects on corticostrone levels in preweanling rats

·Explored the effects of stimulants on rats measuring spatial learning and memory via mazes and conditioned place preference

·Determined the neurochemical effects of stimulant administration via receptor autoradiography on dopamine transporters, dopamine (D1) receptors and glucocorticoid receptors


Aug 1994Aug 1998


Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

·Self-started two neurochemical methods: 2-deoxyglucose and quantitative autoradiography in rats

·Measured alcohol consumption following GABA antagonist bilateral microinjections in rats

·Conducted High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis of monoamine levels

·Used 2‑deoxyglucose and quantitative autoradiography to study the development of the dopamine system following 6-hydroxydopamine neurotoxin postnatal lesions

Dissertation Title: Ethanol and cocaine interactive effects on Local Cerebral Glucose Utilization (LCGU)

May 1992Aug 1994

Physiological Psychology

Kansas S

·Bred high alcohol ingestive and low alcohol ingestive rats

Masters Title: Fluoxetine, 5‑HT uptake inhibitor, and its effects on taste reactivity to and consumption of alcohol


Project Management
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, management, team management, client management, onsite management, meeting organization, training personnel, trainer, development of protocols/assessments, online research, synthesizing comprehensive cutting-edge scientific programs and products, strategic brainstorming, interpersonal, analytical problem solving, organizational medical-marketing integration, market, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), brand positioning, account manager, scientific director, independent worker, strategy, cost-effectiveness,  medical affairs, scientific affairs, accuracy, clinical faculty, AMA style, American Medical Association