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Payman Simoni, M.D., the founder and President of Simoni Plastic Surgery, has devised and trademarked an array of minimally invasive procedures for taking years off a patient’s appearance. With a background that includes more than two decades of training, practice, and research in the medical fields of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Simoni has introduced and now regularly performs the Simoni Face Lift (TM), Dream Liposuction (TM), and Designer rhinoplasty (TM) at his practice’s Beverly Hills and Long Island offices.The revolutionary Simoni Lift (TM) tightens facial and neck muscles, skin, and fat in a minor outpatient procedure that avoids the two pitfalls of traditional face lifts: general anesthesia and an overly tight “done look.” In contrast to older cosmetic surgeries that put patients under with a general anesthetic, which sometimes created fatal consequences, patients of Dr. Simoni remain awake and alert throughout their procedures with local anesthetics.Dr. Simoni contends that unwanted results from traditional face lifts came about because patients underwent surgery while unconscious and lying down. Dr. Simoni achieves more lifelike results when he can see how a client looks and will eventually look while upright and awake. Dr. Simoni’s approach minimizes incisions, pain, numbness, and recovery time. Most Simoni Lift (TM) clients return to work in only 7 to 10 days. With the lifting of restrictions on the use of stem cells by the Obama administration in recent years, Dr. Simoni increasingly has utilized fat stem cells in injections for faster repair of aging skin and volume loss.Dream Liposuction (TM), another trademarked specialty of Simoni Plastic Surgery, combines VASER liposuction, which applies the latest ultrasound technology, with tumescent liposuction, in which the patient receives injections of a local anesthetic and epinephrine to shrink blood vessels in the critical area. Here again, Dr. Simoni eliminates cutting and suturing, thereby reducing recovery time. Patients are usually back to their daily routine in two days.A board-certified ear, nose, and throat surgeon, Payman Simoni, M.D., also has perfected a Designer rhinoplasty (TM) technique that allows him to reshape patients’ noses without having to break and reset them or apply postsurgical packing. Innovative procedures like this one have distinguished Dr. Simoni from the many other Beverly Hills-based rhinoplasty specialists, making him one of the most highly sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the area.

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Yeshiva University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine