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My primary objective is to secure consulting projects in the field of Information Technology / Information Systems and Higher Education. 

IT/IS Consultation

  • Lloyds Quality Assurance
  • Achievements for Information & Technology
  • Middle East Chapter of the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
  • Global Vision International - USA
  • Global Vision International Academy - USA

Seminars & Training Sessions Delivered

  • E-Commerce Techniques
  • E-Government Human Resource Training Session
  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
  • E-Beam Electronic Board Teaching Tools
  • E-Business
  • E-Banking
  • MS Office Applications

Completed Projects

Web Site Design and Internet Projects

Built managed and maintained the following web sites:



  • Agile Software Engineering Methods
  • Business Strategy and I.T.
  • Use of System Development Methods
  • Mobile Applications
  • ERP Implementation
  • Bluetooth Applications
  • eCRM / mCRM
  • Web Design and Animation
  • Content Management Systems
  • eBusiness / mBusiness

Seminars Attended

  • Novel NetWare 4.x, WinNT 4.0 – Arab Academy
  • Building web sites using Java Script – Arab Academy
  • Alpha Systems – Applied Science University
  • Internal Quality Audit – Applied Science University
  • Total Quality Management – Applied Science University
  • Management & Marketing – Business Development Center
  • Career Counseling Techniques - KAFD
  • Effective Human Communication Skills – KAFD
  • eLearning - Arab Open University

Professional Membership

  • Middle East President - Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants
  • International Project Management Commission - Member & Middle East President & Liaison
  • Global E-Commerce Computer Online Training Membership Advisory Board – CEC
  • International Webmasters Association
  • American Academy of Project Management Member & Middle East President & Liaison
  • North American Association of Technology Professionals
  • The Computer Technology Documentation Project
  • The Cyberspace Association
  • Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
  • e-Commerce Benchmarking Association
  • Internet Society
  • International Forum of Educational Technology & Society
  • Consortium for Higher Education Benchmarking Analysis
  • Electronic Technicians Association – Test Administrator
  • Knowledge Management Consortium International
  • The Information Systems Management Benchmarking Consortium (ISMBC™)
  • The Software Certification Benchmarking Association (SCBA™)

Technical and Applications Skills

Content Managemer Systems:

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, XOOPS, Moodle, Clairone.

Operating Systems:

NetWare 4.x, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, Windows 3.11, Dos 5/6/7.


Basic, Visual Basic (VB3,4,5, 6), Pascal, VB Script, VBA, Java Script, HTML, WML, PHP, Perl and SQL.

Analysis & Design:

Sdesigner, Data Architect, Process Analyst, MetaEdit, OOTher, AppModeler for Visual Basic, Rational Rose, BPwin, Erwin, OpenModel Sphere, DBDesigner.

Communication & Management:

Microsoft Project, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Team Manager, Crosstalk, MS NetMeeting, ProComm Plus, Cheyenne Bitware, Internet Dialup, Microsoft Fax, Microsoft Outlook.

Internet & Web Site Design:

Front Page2003, Adobe GoLive 4.0, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia Flash, Visual InterDev, Hotdog, NetObjects Fusion, Swish2.0, Swish Max, ActiveX Control Pad, Symantec Visual Page, ASP, Netscape, IE 5.0, Outlook Express, FTP, Telnet, IIS, Apache,PWS, OpenWave V7 Simulator, PHP Editor.


LAN, MAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet and Extranet.


MS Office 95/97/2000/XP/2003 (Power Point, Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage), Louts Smart Suite.

ERP Systems:

Familiar with SAP R/3, PeopleSoft, and TXbase.


MS Access 8, Access 2000/XP, Familiar with Oracle 8, Developer & Designer 2000, Sybase SQL Anywhere & SQL Server and MySql, PhpMyadmin.

Graphics Design:

AX-Icons 4.0, Paint Shop Pro, Ulead GIF Animator, Image Compose.

Reporting Tools:

Crystal Reports, Power Point, and Point Plus.


Win Zip, MS Backup, McAfee Virus Scan, F-Macro, Norton and AVAST.

Dr. Samer Barakat Teaching Philosophy

During my over 11 years of higher education teaching career, I taught a lot of different courses to students with a broad range of needs, knowledge, and cultural backgrounds. I taught freshmen classes and senior classes. I even delivered several seminars and training session for university professors on using computer technology in the classroom. Several important general principles that I try to use in my teaching practice can be formulated as follows:

  • No matter how experienced a teacher is, every new class and every new student pose a challenge. For excellence in teaching, there is always room for improvement.
  • A teacher has to appeal to different learning styles, to offer a variety of instructional experiences, and to keep an open mind to new teaching techniques to give every student the opportunity to participate fully and actively in the learning process.
  • Being a successful teacher depends on creating a learning environment with the open exploration of ideas, a relationship in which students feel respected as well as challenged. Students should be encouraged to stretch themselves a bit beyond their level of comfort and be given an opportunity to leave every class feeling that they have overcome a new challenge successfully.
  • Teaching should be an integral component of the creation of new knowledge, an initial step toward continuing education, and first of all, self-education.

Teaching Style and Methods

I prepare my classes thoroughly, but I like to improvise whenever possible. I want to be interrupted during my lectures; and I give extra points for good questions and comments from students. I open each session with a brief reminder of the previous session's material and an outline of the day's topic, and I typically conclude with a summary of key points. There is a special session for review before every major test. I usually speak clearly, loudly, and slowly, but enthusiastically. Students are encouraged to learn from each other as their grades are not curved, thus, students are not competing with their classmates. In some classes, I give group projects and homework. When possible, I distribute solutions to homework problems, quizzes, and tests. To reduce students' anxiety about tests, I make old exams available on the Web, and often give practice tests.

Teaching and Technology

Technology is an essential and integrated part of my teaching. It is crucial for students to feel comfortable with the technologies that are becoming available; they need to know how to use a new technology effectively, what its limits are, and what to do when the technology fails. I am quite interested and familiar with recent innovations. All my course materials are available on the Internet since 1999, including syllabi, homework assignments, and tests. I created interactive Web sites for several courses, where students can ask questions and make their comments online. 

Online Teaching Tools

Taught Courses related to Computers and the Internet using online support from Blackboard, Intranets, Ning, and Moddle. Managed projects using Online

University Related Activities

  • Developed written course outlines and course materials.
  • Delivered courses, supervised and instructed a diverse population of students in the classroom and in lab settings.
  • Drafted and executed examination schedules. Prepared and graded exams.
  • Developed and enhanced knowledge of subject matter taught and individual training skills required to remain current with new trends and developments in the MIS field and promoted the capabilities of teaching and learning through attendance of conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops.
  • Maintained office hours to assist and advise students.
  • Supervised students’ projects and performs research.
  • Carried out administrative responsibilities as assigned by the Dean of the Faculty.
  • Preformed student advising and exam supervision.
  • Provided recommendations for the Course Content Draft Committee.
  • Developed a Grade Reporting System and an Electronic Advising Spreadsheet for Faculty members.
  • Coordinator of the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences Computer Courses Committee.
  • Member of the Business and MIS Departments Accreditation Committees.
  • Drafted, evaluated and designed the Management Information Systems Department’s Program.
  • Evaluated the Major Field Test exam provided by ETS- USA.
  • Served as a Key Staff member for the UK Quality Assurance Association Accreditation Committee.

Computer Course Committee Activities

  • Coordinator of the Computer Committee at the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences.
  • Introduced computer applications to the various departments and into the classroom.
  • Evaluated software packages and presented recommendations to the Dean, heads and faculty members.
  • Coordinated training activities for faculty members and lab technicians on newly purchased packages.
  • Assisted and made recommendations with regards to the purchase of new hardware and software
  • Supervised and drafted plans for the installation of new hardware and software at the Faculty labs, classrooms and staff offices.
  • Maintained and troubleshooted software & hardware problems and arranged for contacting vendors.
  • Kept hardware & software records and ensured computer related purchase is in line with the IT budget.
  • Designed and maintained the Faculty’s web site content and acted as a coordinator between the Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences and the IT Center.

Summary of Qualifications

Highly motivated and result-oriented professional with exceptional interpersonal leadership, communication and organizational skills. 20+ years work experience in the Middle East region of which 10 are in education, training, career counseling, certification and curriculum developments: delivering training, designing certification programs, drafting courses syllabus, leading teams of trainers, education consulting and directing certification initiatives. Excellent program conceptualization and design skills. Extensive professional experience in IT/MIS fields including Internet applications. Fluency in written and spoken English. Team player with the ability to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines. Doctoral Degree, MIS Masters degree and a US Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Extensive background in the following broad-based competencies:


Change Facilitation                              

Strategic Planning

IT/MIS Consulting                                      

Curriculum Development                          

Market Research

Content Management                        

Design of Certification/Testing            

Business & Systems Analysis

Course Development

Established a Web 2.0 site that provides students with a vast set of resources. The resources available are a private Intranet and secured discussion and announcement forums. These resources provide students with the tools and information beneficial for their course work. It also contains an Online-Presentation that covers course material. Employed ICT tools such as e-Beam and Data Shows to enhance the teaching process.


Head of Management Information Systems & eBusiness Department - Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science - Applied Science University – Amman, Jordan 

Associate Professor - Management Information Systems Department - Faculty of Economics & Administrative Science - Applied Science University – Amman, Jordan

Head of ASU Website Unit – Quality and Accreditation Office - Applied Science University – Amman, Jordan

Work experience

Administrative and Financial Assistant

Regional Investment & Trade Company

Performed administrative and financial tasks. Managed project’s inventory, sales, and purchases. Supervised a group of workers. Set production timetable. Designed excel spreadsheets to manage and maintain project’s inventory and cash flows.

Business and Systems Analyst

Interland Investment Corporation

--Analysis:Assisted users in defining system requirements, developed system requirements documents. Identified systems specifications, Conducted business process analysis and workflow design. Used structured and object oriented analysis techniques. Helped define the functional architecture of an information system.

--Design & Implementation: Developed system implementation plans covering the entire development life cycle. Conducted workflow design. Used functional and object oriented development techniques. Designed and re-engineered business processes. Designed systems Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, State Machine, and ERM. Designed user interface and prepared user’s manual

--Programming: Designed, developed, and tested programs built with Visual Basic, Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access database. Designed system’s setup and prepared setup diskettes.

--Internet: Designed and built web sites using Front Page98, visual Interdev, and VB5 ActiveX Controls and Active Documents technology.

--Database Design: Developed conceptual, logical, and physical database designs. Used Entity-Relationship (ER) Model as the main data modeling technique. Developed Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) using Sdesigner and Data Architect CASE tools.

--Other IS functions: Developed and presented technical recommendations to senior management. Performed project planning, testing and scheduling using Gnat charts. Performed software reusability using MS Visual SourceSafe, reverse engineering, and re-engineering. Prepared comprehensive documentation for developed systems.

--Developed Systems: Jordan Real Estate Multiple Listing System, Inventory System, Customers and Sales Management System, Bar Code Generator System, MLS Web Site, Media On Demand Web Site, and Broker’s Commission System.


Associate Professor

Applied Science University


  • Strategic Information Systems(MIS Department)
  • Operation Research (BA Department)
  • E-Business (MIS Department)
  • Management Information Systems – Applications (BA Department)
  • Integrated Information Systems (MIS Department)
  • Management Information Systems (CIS Department)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (MIS Department)
  • Web Site Construction & Design (MIS Department)
  • Data Processing Systems & Programming (BA Department)
  • Computer Skills II  “Visual Basic & MS Access” (BA Department)
  • Introduction to Internet Navigation & Programming (CS Department)
  • MIS Graduation Project (MIS Department)
  • Human Resource Management (ASU Studies Center)
  • Management Science (ASU Studies Center)
  • Computer Aided Software Engineering(MIS Department) 
Mar 2011Present

Adjunct Lecturer

Jordan University
  • Management Information Systems (Business School)
Sep 2010Feb 2011

Adjunct Lecturer

Jordanian Canadian College – Amman, Jordan

(Following courses taught completely in English)

  • HTML / XHTML and website design 
  • Management Information Systems

Manager - Career Development Office - King Abdullah II Development Fund

Applied Science University
  • Performed students counseling and advising.
  • Planned and arranged training workshops and seminars.
  • Delivered Training sessions and Seminars.
  • Coordinated with NGO’s, Government agencies and private sector organizations.
  • Managed and coordinated student’s and employers participation and interaction at job fairs and career events.
  • Managed and coordinate programs and services related to career education and career guidance.
  • Provided coordination and support for various career planning programs, off-campus student training & internships. 


Middle East Chapter of Institute of Certified eCommerce Consultants

Supervised the establishment of local country chapters and affiliates. Promoted the institute’s certification programs in the Middle East region. Provided eBusiness and eCommerce consultation. Identified the market needs for IT technology training and certification. Designed new e-Banking and e-Business certification programs. Authored the e-Commerce training course material. Designed an online testing system and developed guidelines for the establishment of training and testing centers. Designed, published and maintained the MEICECC.COM web site. Introduced the Middle East Professionals Club program to the region and built the club’s online portal “”. Developed the International Internet & e-Professional “IIEP” Certification program endorsed by UNESCO Paris Office.


Adjunct Lecturer

London School of Economics

  • Computer Skills Course (Taught completely in English)



International Computer Driving License – ICDL


Computer Fundamentals (Win95/98)


E-Commerce Concepts


MS Windows 98 Navigation


MS Access 2000 Fundamentals


MS Windows 95 Navigation


MS Excel 2000


RDBMS Concepts


MS Front Page 2000

International Webmasters Association

Certified E-Business Manager - CEM

Institute of ertified E-Commerce Consultants

Certified E-Commerce Consultant - CEC

Institute of ertified E-Commerce Consultants