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R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates Inc.


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The Florida State University

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historic archeology, human osteology, prehistoric demography, preservation planning, cultural resource management, cultural ecology, nautical archeology, field methods in archeology


R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc., is a successful cultural and heritage resource consulting firm that has served both private companies and public agencies. With a broad range of expertise, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin is able to walk clients through every step of the consulting process. His staff of 150 historic preservation specialists include experts in historic archeology, human osteology, prehistoric demography, preservation planning, cultural resource management, cultural ecology, nautical archeology and field methods in archeology. For three decades, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin’s firm has handled archeological investigation projects across the United States, including the examination of well-known sporting facilities such as the Washington Redskins' FedExField, the Baltimore Ravens’ M&T Bank Stadium, and Baltimore's Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin served as Principal Investigator for all three of those projects. A court-qualified expert in both cultural resource management and historic archeology, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin completed his undergraduate studies in archeology and anthropology before receiving his Master of Science at The Florida State University. Striving to make a difference in the field of heritage preservation, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin went on to Arizona State University, where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin’s firm has been profiled on the ASU alumni website, which recognized his company for its efforts in protecting America’s heritage through its archeological surveys and documentation specialties. In addition to his work with his consultancy firm, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin has contributed to numerous scholarly journals in the field. When not busy with work, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin contributes to his community through local organizations and his church. He resides in Maryland with his wife and family.

Surveying Cultural Resources after Hurricane Katrina

President, CEO, and director of research at a preservation planning, archaeological and historical research and heritage planning firm, Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin conducts cultural resource surveys throughout the Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Plains, Western, and Caribbean regions. Dr. R. Christopher Goodwin’s firm operates offices in six regions, including its headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana.Archaeological surveyors help protect America’s archaeological and cultural heritage and resources. Numerous federal laws since the 1906 Antiquities Act protect such diverse treasures as Native American burial grounds and abandoned shipwrecks. Surveyors implement an array of methods and tools, such as geographic information systems and spaceborne imaging techniques, to develop comprehensive documentation of heritage resources. Damage to resources also is assessed after major and devastating weather events.For Gulf Coast archaeological surveyors, including Dr. Goodwin’s firm, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 presented the need for survey teams to work with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The large-scale operation conducted by R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates surveyed and documented damage to and destruction of historic buildings in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. Off shore, Goodwin's nautical archaeologists identified historic shipwrecks that might experience damage during construction of new flood barriers and levees.

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