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My family, Graphic Design, Music and Gaming. Just trying to do my best.


Hi, my name is David Rooks. On this page you will find information about myself, as well as some of my graphic design and video work. I am currently a student at ITT-Tech studying for my degree in Graphic Communications and Design. Please take a few minutes too look at some of my work. Thanks, I hope you enjoy.

Work experience

Package Sorter


I worked at UPS for about 8 1/2 years. During my time there i moved up form the sort isle as a package sorter, to having a "Premium" job in "Small Sort". I was injured in a car accident and could no longer perform the physically demanding work. They had nowhere to put me so i was laid off. So now i am a full time student pursing my degree in a subject i love and really have a passion for. The way i see it is everything happens for a reason. 

My Work




ITT Tech

I am currently in the process of earning my degree in Graphic Communications and Design. I got my diploma from FSCJ, here in Jacksonville, Fl.


Adobe Flash
I have taken in 11 week course on Adobe Flash while in school. I feel as if i have a good understanding of the software and how it works. I can also do basic "Action Script" coding on Adobe Flash. (I learned on CS3, but currently use CS6)
Adobe indesign
I have started learning Adobe indesign. I have had an 11 in week course on how to use the software in school.
Adobe Photoshop
I have been using Adobe Photoshop for almost a year now. I am trying to learn the software the best i can so i can get my certification in the product. I have been using Adobe CS3 at school, and i just recently purchased Adobe CS6 Web and Design Premium Suite. I have also had an 11 week course on Photoshop in school. I will also be taking "advanced" Photoshop as well.