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Work experience

Sep 2002Present

General Partner and Physician

Irvine Orthopaedic Associates


Aug 1991May 1995


University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Sep 1987Jun 1991


University of California Los Angeles

Double Major

Nimish Kadakia


Skiing, Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Traveling

What is Arthroscopy? By Dr. Nimish Kadakia

Arthroscopy is a joint surgery procedure that can be used to diagnose or repair the source of joint pain. Surgeons use the procedure to identify inflammation, rotator cuff tears, dislocations, meniscal tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, loose bone and cartilage, and shoulder impingement syndrome, among other conditions. Typically, the surgeon will use medical history, X-rays, and physical examinations to discover the reason for pain; if these measures prove fruitless, the surgeon will often turn to arthroscopy. This involves inserting an arthroscope through a small incision in the patient’s skin. Using a lens and a lighting system, the arthroscope will show injury and damage on the monitor it is attached to. These images can help a surgeon decide if surgical repair is possible at that time, or if the patient will need to schedule another surgery. Arthroscopy is typically a quick and painless outpatient procedure that lasts no more than a few hours. The wounds tend to heal within a few days, and the patient is back to work in the same amount of time or less. About the author: Dr. Nimish Kadakia is a General Partner with Irvine Orthopaedic Associates in California. He is also a member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America.


Settling in Irvine, California, in 2002, orthopaedic surgeon Nimish Kadakia, MD, maintains a high degree of proficiency in his field, specifically in sports medicine. Acquiring a decade's worth of practical education and clinical experience, Dr. Kadakia has traveled all over the country to complete his studies and hone his skills. Over the course of his academic and professional career, Dr. Nimish Kadakia has enjoyed considerable success, garnering honors, awards, and praise from peers in the medical field.

While at the University of California, Los Angeles, Dr. Nimish Kadakia double majored in kinesiology and psychology. He then graduated with honors from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. In addition to earning his MD, Dr. Kadakia joined the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Nimish Kadakia participated in a general surgery internship at McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, immediately following the receipt of his Doctor of Medicine.

During his residency at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, Dr. Nimish Kadakia won the Paul Harrington Award for his research excellence. While at Baylor, Dr. Kadakia also published his research on artificial hip joints and presented his findings at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons 7th Annual Meeting. He later accepted a sports medicine fellowship in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center, which gave him invaluable experience working for major athletic organizations.

Dr. Nimish Kadakia acquired his California medical license and joined Irvine Orthopaedic Associates in 2002. Dr. Kadakia produced several more published articles and delivered various other presentations as well. In 2005, he became a diplomate of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and gained a subspecialty certificate in sports medicine in 2009. Two years later, the Orange County Medical Association named Nimish Kadakia, MD, a member of the Physicians of Excellence Program, recognizing his medical expertise.