Leslie Pratch is the President and CEO of Pratch & Company, a business advisory firm specializing in the assessment and development of senior executives.. Leslie Pratch created a signature assessment model that evaluates a prospective executive's ability to manage change and crises. As a leadership expert and clinical psychologist, Leslie Pratch effectively assists small and large companies with succession planning and other aspects of human resource management. Leslie Pratch’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Her book, GOOD ON PAPER, is due to be published in 2012 and addresses the constructs central to her assessments: integrity and active coping. Leslie Pratch earned her Bachelor's degree in Religion from Williams College. After college, she taught English in Kyoto before beginning her graduate studies in Human Development at The University of Chicago where she was awarded a four-year Century Fellowship to study human development. After earning a her M.A. in Human Development and in conjunction with applying techniques derived from clinical psychology to the selection and development of business leaders, she transferred, all but dissertation, to Northwestern University where she obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Leslie Pratch then enrolled in The University of Chicago - Booth where she earned an M.B.A. While undergoing clinical training at Northwestern, Leslie Pratch was hired by The University of Chicago –Booth to lead research into the personality predictors of leadership She uses this research in her current work assessing senior executives for public and privately-held businesses. Leslie Pratch is active in the community and participates in a variety of initiatives, including the Greater Chicago Food Depository. She participates in the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. In her spare time, Pratch enjoys a variety of outdoor activities, including mountaineering and skiing.

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 1998 - Present

President & CEO

Pratch & Company


Apr 1997 - Jun 2000


University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Sep 1990 - Jun 1995


Northwestern University
Sep 1985 - Jun 1988


University of Chicago
Sep 1980 - Jun 1984


Williams College