Dr.K.K Ramachandran

·       Is currently the Vice Principal, Dr.  GRD College of Science.  (Autonomous,  affiliated  to  the  Bharathiar  University,  ISO  9001:2000  Certified  and Accredited at the FIVE STAR level by the NAAC),  Director  of  GRD  School  of  International  Business, & Professor of Management studies, GRD Academy of Management

·        A triumvirate in Commerce, International Business, and Management with an M.Phil and PhD Degree

·        A preceptor and administrator Par-Excellence with a lot of publications to his credit. Authored a book on Business Communication through Macmillan and through Elisiver one of the largest and best known international publishers in the world. Has carried out a large quantum of research work and has produced noteworthy M. Phil & PhD Scholars

·        An accomplished and prolific organizer who has initiated several newfangled forums for comprehensive and wholesome development of the students. These methodologies are first of their kind. Has organized prodigious summits involving Prominent Personalities like Alyque Padamsee, Shunu Sen, Shiv Khera, Sanjay Mehta, Dr. J. J Irani, Kapil Dev and several others celebrities on  various  topics  pertaining  to  marketing, accounting, branding and leadership

·        Delivered high profile lectures at all the top universities across the globe

·        The Chairman of the Board of Studies, Member of the Academic Council and a Member of governing council of  Dr. GRD College of Science, and also a Member of  the Governing Council of GRD Academy of  Management, GRD College of  Education and represents various board of studies, Academic council, Examination boards and an Expert member of NCERT

·        Advisor & Consultant on Brand Management, has been associated with a number of leading firms in India

·        The editor in chief of a monthly newsletter called “Voice” and also the editor of the magazine “Waves” and is in the process of launching an e-newsletter and runs two blogs “http://dr”, “”

·      Globetrotter, who has been to sixteen nations in pursuit of his academic interests and participated in various international conferences to share and enrich his thirst for knowledge.

·        Nominated by the US Department of State for the International Visitors Leadership Programme on a project Education Today. The Academy for Educational Development (AED) developed a three-week program that provided participants with an introduction to the U.S. public and private education systems and current education issues in education in the country.

·        Has been mentoring for almost a decade




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