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Dedicated to providing a high level of dental care, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj understands that many people equate a trip to the dentist’s office with discomfort and pain. In order to ensure an optimal comfort level for his patients, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj utilizes the latest developments in pain management to help make office visits as enjoyable as possible.

While pain can occur in many areas of the mouth, such as the gums, roots, tongue, and jaw, the presence of cavities and improper jaw bite are two of the most common causes. For at-home treatment of pain, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj recommends applying ice to the affected area, avoiding hard candy, and not sleeping on the stomach. At the dentist’s office, there is a wide range of additional treatments available.

As part of his practice, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj uses pain management tools such as analgesics, local anesthesia, and general sedatives. Analgesics such as aspirin and ibuprofen are generally prescribed for moderate levels of discomfort, such as what follows a root canal or tooth extraction. Local anesthetics such as Novocaine and Lidocaine are stronger than analgesics and can be applied in a number of ways. Dr. Joseph Mirtaj primarily uses local anesthetics for root canal and filling procedures. Some of the more powerful pain relief tools at Dr. Joseph Mirtaj’s disposal include general sedatives such as nitrous oxide and other tranquilizing agents aimed at helping patients relax. These medications can be administered through an IV or a breathing mask.

Dr. Joseph Mirtaj also draws upon advances in pain reduction technology, such as the air abrasion technique, to make the dentist’s office a more hospitable place for his patients. By harnessing the power of aluminum oxide particles, air abrasion allows patients a thorough cleaning without any of the usual discomfort. Dr. Joseph Mirtaj routinely prescribes pain relief medications following oral surgery, adamantly insisting that patients follow dosage instructions to the letter. By carefully discussing all pain management options with his patients, Dr. Joseph Mirtaj reinforces his commitment to a high standard of dental care.

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