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Patient Feedback

Dr. Jen,

I just wanted to let you know how grateful and privileged I am to be under your excellent care.  On Monday, May 18, 2009, I awoke with considerable reduced mobility and nausea apparently due to spending the night on an air mattress.

Even though your daily calendar was already completely booked when I called, your office was able to fit me into your schedule, and you then proceeded to assess and begin treating my discomfort on that very first visit.  As I write this today only a handful of hours after my second visit, my mobility has all but completely returned and except for the normal soreness after such an episode, I feel almost brand new.

Over the years, I've been seen by a number of different Chiropractic Physicians, most of whom have been very good, with some being better than others.  Indeed, at least two of them carry a degree of celebrity and fame in their respective areas of operation.  I can say without hesitation though, that you are far and away the very best.  Your obvious depth of knowledge and expert application of it, combined with your wonderfullly pleasant nature and gentleness, epitomizes what Chiropractic care is and should be.

Due to the uncertain nature of my employment schedule, I'm not sure when I'll be able to return for my next adjustment, but I do look forward to it.  Until then, continue to be richly blessed.

Warmest regards,

D. DiCrescenzo

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A hip injury to a runner is devastating because there is no definitive course of action or recovery period.  When I tore the labrum in my hip and had corrective surgery, my Olympic aspirations were all but finished.  After a year of continued pain, post surgery and every form of rehabilitation, I began seeing Dr. Faber.  I began to see significant results from her chiropractic expertise after 2-3 weeks of work.  As a result of Dr. Faber, I have been running with little to no pain for the first time in 2 years.  Through good health, she has helped me make significant strides towards qualifying for the Olympic Trials.                                                                                              T. Kennedy

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I am Flavia Sandoval 32 years old, four days after giving birth to my baby boy I woke up with my left side of the face paralyzed. I was shocked and scared, went immediately to the ER and was diagnosed with Bells Palsy. They prescribed me Cortizone and antiviral medication, but after taking it for 7 days no improvement was seen.I went to chiropractic therapy and after 2 weeks of therapy I was almost perfect.  It was almost a miracle for me.  I am so happy and thankful to Dr. Jen Faber and I really appreciated what the therapy has done for me.  I continue with my treatment and feel great!                                                                                          Thanks so much,                                                                                           F. Sandoval

Professional Summary and Objective

Dr. Jen Faber is an energetic and accomplished complementary medicine practitioner with five years of diverse experiences providing health care in various domestic and international facilities. 

Seeking to assimilate a broad-based set of therapeutic, research and teaching skills, Dr. Faber is open to relocating for clinical and educational opportunities in the arenas of integrative medicine and corporate wellness. She is keen to engage in business travel and advanced clinical training.

She thrives in a dynamic team environment and implements a multifaceted approach to caring for patients with a vast array of health issues.  Her extensive educational background includes advanced training in neurological and musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive stress injuries, which she applies in her passion in providing comprehensive care for her patients.  She possesses a strong ability to cultivate patient relationships and serve as an educator in clinical and academic environments. 

In addition, Dr. Faber is a former research scholar with demonstrated success in creating and supervising scientific projects. She possesses a solid background in contributing to organizational goals of addressing pain management issues, and adept in providing health and medical knowledge, editing skills, and corporate wellness consulting to improve public health education and advocacy efforts.

Work experience


Staff Clinician

Friendship Heights Chiropractic

SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Increased gross revenue approximately 20% via an inclusive marketing plan and worked with partners to develop the practice to having over 500 patient visits per week.• Served as the primary doctor for treating the athletic population and had the privilege of providing care for prospective Ironman and Olympic competitors.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES• Proven ability to perform orthopedic and neurological physical assessments and radiological examinations, diagnose neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, and deliver a wide range of therapeutic services. • Collaborated with a broad array of health care professionals to provide patients with appropriate treatment plans and lifestyle modifications.

• Established relationships with corporate and fitness clients via offering public wellness workshops and health screenings. • Leveraged computer and web-editing skills to launch a new clinic website, including features such as weekly newsletters and online workshops to enhance patient education.

Oct 2004Jun 2006

Resident Clinician, Faculty Teaching Assistant

Palmer College of Chiropractic

SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENT• Selected as one of fifteen resident doctors (from a pool of 200 applicants) to participate in the Clinic Abroad Program, which is geared towards providing humanitarian assistance to underserved populations, and delivered health care in remote areas of Morocco. Enhanced the desire to improve accessibility of health and medical services.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES• Performed high-level care for newborns, toddlers, and mothers, including offering education on healthy childhood development, while working under the direct supervision of a pediatric specialist. Developed a high level of competency in addressing the health needs and well being of this sector of the population. • Served as a faculty teaching assistant and responsible for weekly classroom instruction in small-group laboratory format for the following courses: Gross Anatomy, Spinal Anatomy, Central Nervous System Anatomy, and Organ Histology.


Resident Clinician

Back to Living Chiropractic

SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Achieved approval to participate in the Clinic Capstone Program, which affords highly practical experience for entry-level practitioners and is only eligible for individuals who have strong academic standing and have completed 1000 hours of clinic rotations. • Embarked upon the ambitious endeavor to become the only resident doctor to create a capstone opportunity at an international location.


• Served as an assistant to the clinical and administrative staff at an integrative wellness center.• Conducted physical assessments and radiological examinations of incoming patients.


Assistant to the Director, Medical Writer

Alliance of State Pain Initiatives

SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Recruited to streamline and promote various cancer pain management resources, including the organization's flagship materials - "8 Facts About Cancer Pain" and "Cancer Pain Can Be Relieved," which are made available to health professionals and patients to foster education and enhance knowledge in this topic.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES• Served as an assistant to the director and staff at the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives (ASPI), an organization that has the primary focus of developing initiatives and educational tools for the management of cancer-related pain. • Responsible for conducting medical literature reviews and syntheses to assist in foster the creation of patient education and advocacy materials. Translated information regarding cancer pain management into language appropriate for the average health consumer.• Developed direct experience in offering scientific support for cancer information projects and addressing health and cancer-related inquiries from the public.


Research Fellow and Laboratory Supervisor

University of Wisconsin

SELECT ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Awarded the Hilldale Research Fellowship, which is annually granted to a select number of individuals based on the originality and intellectual significance of research proposals. • Promoted to research laboratory supervisor after only six months of experience as an experimental assistant and worked collaboratively with faculty and graduate students to launch and manage new projects.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES• Held full responsibility for the development and implementation of a research project, including performing literature meta-analysis, creating the experimental design, writing the grant proposal, analyzing data using SPSS software, and composing a thesis. • Supervised a team of undergraduate research assistants and delegated responsibilities to the various team members. • Interceded as necessary to deliver training and improve efficiencies of research operations.



Oct 2006Present

Board Certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

CPR/AED Certified

American Red Cross


Judith Harackiewicz

Carol Gloar

Cherie Marriott