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Work experience

Oct 2004Feb 2009

Director, New Product Development & FR Technologies


New Product Development, New Product Design, Material Development, Project Management, Innovation Processes, Team Building, FR Systems & Troubleshooting in Mattress Design

  • Reorganized team to increase functional effectiveness and enhance the development of direct reports within the organization.Decentralized the responsibility for specification development and brand specific development projects, which improved throughput.
  • Mentored team members in cross-functional interactions and career development activities.
  • Led research effort on the PosturePedic PurEmbrace latex mattress line, the first Sealy line to incorporate two-piece borders and inside seams on top surface of the mattress.In addition, project launch was moved up 6 months.
  • Provided technical leadership on TrueForm product line, which led to a technology that enabled the first substantiated claim of pressure reduction in viscoelastic (memory foam) mattresses, made against the market leader.Developed methodology that allowed substantiated claims.
  • Co-developed methodology to quantify pressure distribution in bedding systems which enabled 2009 Sealy PosturePedic line to make a competitive claim of designs to reduce tossing & turning due to pressure points.
  • Contributed key design ideas that led to the distinctive appearance of the 2009 Stearns & Foster line and the 2008 PurEmbrace line.
  • Headed troubleshooting of fire resistant systems of mattress prototypes without direct control of testing resources; many recommended design changes enabled prototypes to quickly pass regulatory fire resistance testing and move to commercialization.
  • Spearheaded the writing and approval of all specifications for foams, nonwovens, purchased laminated constructions, and purchased sewn constructions; resulting in improved documentation of purchased materials, and a streamlining of the process required to get from vision to specification.Also enhanced the relationship with suppliers to facilitate the process.
  • Membership on the following cross-functional teams: Stearns & Foster, PosturePedic, Promotional Bedding, Specialty Bedding and Skunk Works Projects.Recognized technology leader for Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Suppliers and Retailers.Key R&E liaison with the Marketing Merchandising Team.
  • Led a cross-functional team that identified drivers of mattress returns.Recommended improvements in design & manufacturing processes resulted in $7 million in cost savings in first year of implementation, and a cumulative savings, to date, of $45 million.

Sr Research Scientist

SC Johnson

Lead product developer for next generation Pledge Grab-It cleaning cloths; demonstrated superior performance to market leader through the development of new laboratory methods; innovation advocate for long-range ideas for the Pledge brand

·Discovered and substantiated competitive advantage in dry dusting cloth efficacy of soil removal from hard surface floors; developed the methodology which substantiated 35% better performance than competitor, allowing first superiority claim in the history of the market segment

·Spearheaded technical testing to qualify secondary fiber for use in electrostatic cloth production resulted in the development of a new cloth with 10% higher basis weight and annual savings of $500,000.

·Led technical effort to generate non-woven/adhesive laminate prototypes of dry dusting cloths for lab and consumer testing, which led to a set of proprietary options that matched the concept provided by Marketing.

·Managed two vendors to develop alternate technologies for dry dusting cloths.Developed patented technologies to differentiate product from the competition; launched consumer preferred option into the marketplace.

·Integrated consumer cleaning processes into laboratory evaluation methods for dry dusting cloths, hand dusters, and electric sweepers; methods documented.Subsequent products delivered a better match between experimental data and consumer perception information; provided timely, dependable results to allow project team to make critical decisions; allowed substantiated claims of new technology.

·Utilized consumer-oriented approach to research problem solving: In-Home Product Evaluations, Ethnographic Training and Observation Studies, Central Location Studies, Focus Group/Qualitative Studies, Quantitative Studies, and "Drivers of Liking" Methodology.


Research Scientist


Team leader with responsibility for developing features which provided a safer Huggies diaper for babies skin; technical developments and consumer testing of such; team performed first clinical which demonstrated the benefits of breathable outer covers in infant diapers

  • Led team of three research professionals in the development of diaper features which were targeted at improving the skin health of infants.Efforts included technology development, prototype fabrication, in-home and laboratory testing, and traditional consumer testing.
  • Led cross-functional team through an ethnographic study on the perceptions of new mothers in selecting diapers for their newborns.Team was trained in interviewing techniques by an outside consultant, went into the field to do interviews, gathered summaries form all teams, and held focus groups to summarize the opinions of the mothers interviewed.Breakthrough findings guided future development and marketing efforts.
  • Led team through the first clinical test for efficacy of breathable outer covers; included design of model to test, production of test diapers and sorting of diapers.
  • Co-invented improved fastening system, preventing hook material from irritating infant's skin; US Patent 6,730,069, "Cloth-like Mechanical Fastener"; May 4, 2004; andEuropean Patent EP 1416894,, “Embedded Mechanical Fastener”; May 12,2004.

Project Leader

Dow Chemical

Long-range research for DowBrands (purchased by SC Johnson); areas of research included indoor air purification, cleaners which provided surface protection, water-based wood protection, and in-home applied permanent press chemistry for cotton

  • Primary researcher on a wide range of “new to the world” product development projects: whole house air purification, consumer-applied cotton crosslinking system, hard surface cleaners with a protective layer, water-based wood protector, and an ultrasonic spot remover wand.
  • Led in-home consumer testing of bathroom cleaners which contained a patented cleaning system.




Purdue University

Advisor: Dale Margerum; Dissertation: Kinetics and Mechanistic Studies: I. Decomposition of Copper(III)-Tripeptide Complexes in Basic Solution; II. Reactions of Hypochlorous Acid and Trichloramine with Iodide studied by the Pulsed-Accelerated-Flow method.



Senior Leadership Award, 1982

Student Body President, 1981-1982

Student Body Administrative Vice President, 1980-1981

Student Senator, 1979-1980

Sep 1974May 1978

Benedictine High School

Danforth Foundation "I Dare You" Award, 1978

Core Competencies

Fuzzy Front End Development

Consumer-Directed Product Development

Creative Problem Solving

Team Building Leadership


Broad Technical Base

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Cross-Functional Partnerships

Supplier Development


A leader and mentor looking for an opportunity to make an impact.Has extensive product development experience in open innovation, consumer-directed product development, and the building & management of research & cross-functional teams.A background in finding innovative solutions to consumer-defined and business-defined problems.Demonstrated skills in creative problem solving, supplier development, and technology assessment which are ready to further the product development efforts of a growing company.Co-author of two granted, and several applied-for, patents.


I am a product development professional with three passions in my work life.I am a strong believer that teamwork is one of the most underutilized resources in Corporate America.Teams can be led in such a way that less time is spent on turf battles and more time can be spent focusing on ensuring that the cross-functionally aligned objectives are in place and then pursued by following through on the best ideas of each team member. I have experience as the formal leader of small research teams, and as both a formal and an informal leader on many cross-functional teams.I am also committed to continuous learning and am a student of coaching and leadership as a means of optimizing the potential of all people.  I also have a strong bias toward consumer/customer based product development.  I have experience in gathering and incorporating consumer/customer insights into product vision and design; and believe that end user guided development is the most efficient way to maximize resource yield and profitability in the marketplace.  The third area is open innovation, which allows all possibilities to be considered in a very compact timeframe.It is a must in these resource constrained times because it allows the utilization of a company’s resources on its own core competencies, what they do best.