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Core competencies include:

  • International Experience
  • Lean Management / Kaizen
  • LMS Administrator
  • Manager / Coach / Director
  • Organizational Change & Leadership
  • eLearning / Video Developer
  • Strategic Planner
  • Sales Coach and Mentor
  • Audio Programs / WebEx
  • Sales & Service Excellence
  • Total Process Improvement (TPI)
  • Onsite / Online Curriculum


The goal:  Find a company that has a strong team, values the training and development of their new hires, and has a culture of collaboration and hard work.

My Advantage:  As a manager of training and sales personnel, I have a proven track record of driving revenue, reducing expenses and limiting legal liabilities of a company through strategic management and training initiatives.  I have international experience, which includes Europe, Canada and Mexico.  I have earned a Masters Degree in Adult Education, and I have consistently earned high achiever awards, most recently the 2009 Presidents Club Award (Sales).

My Approach:  I am a team-first manager, who is driven to exceed expecations, goals, quotas, etc.  I start my days early with a workout, and I end them with a wind sprint.  I am positive, easy to get along with and professional.  I always act with integrity, and I love what I do.  I am highly organized, and I focus on making a significant impact to the organization.

Next Steps:  I will be making appointments with interested parties to review my qualifications and sample work, and I will take the time to learn about the company and culture.


I have lived and worked in Mexico, taken formal courses in high school, college and graduate school, and I continue to use my ability to speak Spanish in business.    I am proficient in Spanish, and enjoy using this skill.  It opens up many opportunities in business with the customer.  A mi me gusta hablar con mis amigos en Espanol.
Audio Developer
I have developed audio programs specifically for employees who have plenty of travel time.  For example, we currently have sales respresentatives who have large terrtitories so they are always on the road.  With that challenge, we also have a need to keep them "up to speed" on the latest trends in healthcare and the medical device industry.  Training is needed, however the sales representative has limited time because they are trying to sell in a tough economic climate.  What is the solution?  Audio Programs!   If I have a computer and a $30 microphone, I am able to create audio programs for your team, which they are able to play on their laptop, mp3 player or car stereo.  Let's say there are common objections that your team faces.  One of the common challenges we have is that hospitals are on a "capital freeze".  We view that as an opportunity, and we keep our people trained with audio programs.   We use the help of our sales representatives who have beaten this objection and continued to excced quota.   In the matter of a day or less, we had an audio program that helped the rest of our team win in this economic climate.   Sometimes hearing the solution can give an employee the confidence they need to win, especially when it comes from their peers.   The key takeaway is that this is very effective, and would only cost a laptop, a $30 microphone and my salary.  If you would like to hear samples or speak with sales reps that have taken this training, please free free to contact me.
Curriculum Developer
Training curriculum is not easy to develop.  I went back to graduate school and earned a Master's Degree in Instructional Design, and I have leveraged that knowledge ever since.   Adults need to finding training relevant, else they tune out and it then becomes a missed opportunity.  I view each new hire as an investment of the company's money, and I focus my curriculum on making sure that it is effective, relevant, and gains the result of a quick start from the new hire.   The main focus on any training curriculum I develop is to involve the rest of the team, and manage to success a collaborative effort.  Each manager, director, sr. sales representative, service manager or marketing manager brings a unique perspective and experience to training, and I try to make sure to leverage this when writing a training program.  I also make sure there are specific goals, targets, metrics, etc.  Without a clear target to aim at, an adult learner will become confused and frustrated.  I want people coming out of training empowered and ready to exceed the expectations of their manager.   The key takeaway is that I leverage the strength of the team, and I make sure that there are specific metrics and support for the new hire.  My goals is always to make the training department a revenue generator for a company.
Video Developer
Adults have various learning styles so on-site training will only improve the skills of an employee so much.  Videos are a great tool to compliment the rest of your training.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars to outsource the acting talent, filming, production and video editing, you can hire me.   I have developed over 100 sales, service, medical and compliance videos.  I have also developed videos for national sales meetings.  My main focus is to highlight key messages throughout the video and have them distributed via the Internet.  This is a very cost-effective way to train your employees, and they absolutely love the videos that have humor in them.    The key takeaway with this skill is that I enjoy working with a team.  I try to encorporate different departments, and I focus on improving performance.  The return on any development project must be worth it and measureable if possible.  If you would like to see some examples, please feel free to contact me.
eLearning Developer
I have developed interactive eLearning modules for sales, service and corporate personnel.  With a computer and basic software applications, I am able to help you completely eliminate your need to outsource eLearning development.    The main advantage I provide a company, in addition to saving money, is that I know the subject matter and have the ability to recruit internal talent, thereby gaining buy-in from employees.  People enjoy helping develop training materials, especially then they are effective and relevant, and I always keep that in mind.  Most of my projects have been for sales personnel and because their selling time must be protected, I make sure that the eLearning modules provide them a significant return.   Whether you need your employees trained on a CRM tool, HR Policies, Blood Borne Pathogens or Sales Scenarios, I can make the most professional eLearning modules.  If you would like to see some examples, please feel free to contact me.

Work experience

Sep 2006Present

Training Manager - Sales & Service

Medical Device

Current place of employment is owned by a U.S. Fortune 500 company and sells medical devices to the healthcare industry.

Responsibilities: Manage the training and development initiatives for all sales, service, and IT new hires.Support new product launch by developing and implementing online and onsite training curriculum, which includes eLearning modules, hands-on training, video tutorials and audio programs.Support global training initiatives for all subsidiaries and distributors.

Sep 2005Sep 2006



U-Store-It Trust is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust.

Responsibilities: Managed 8 regional trainers and 48 district trainers who trained new hires at 400+ storage facilities. Developed and implemented strategic plans to train district and regional managers to increase occupancy rates and reduce expenses.

Nov 2004Nov 2005


DeVry University

Undergraduate programs in technology, business, healthcare and criminal justice.

Responsibilities: Identify corporate partnerships and build a funnel of new students for both undergraduate and graduate programs.  

Mar 2004Nov 2004

Admissions Representative

Career Education Corporation

Undergraduate programs in healthcare and criminal justice.

Responsibilities: Built and developed community network to increase new student enrollments. Facilitated sales training for inside sales representatives.Developed new sales programs, and led technology efforts, which include CRM tools (ADM).

May 2003Jan 2004


Excelo de Mexico

Excelo is engaged in the manufacturing, distribution and sale of automotive paint.

Responsibilities: Developed online and onsite training programs and curriculum.Supported the implementation of a paint quality program.



Aug 2005

Master of Education

Aug 2000

Bachelor of Business Administration

Ohio University


Sales and Training

Domestic & International Certifications