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Jan 2004Jan 2015


Government Employee

I am working as a Chemistry Supervisor and laboratory safety inspector for now.My job includes supervising on chemical reactions mechanism , analysis , glassware and instruments keeping and safety applying in the labs.I am STEM Advisor in the modeling and building  of petrochemical factories , Active learning and (MTPP) in Science and Technology approved trainer .

I am Training people on chemical reactions,analysis,safety and the attitude in accidents if happen.Records creator and computer reports user.


Jan 2000Jan 2004

BS in Chemistry

Dammam University

Bachelor  Degree in General Chemistry from the University of Dammam 2000-2004

Jan 2011Apr 2012

MSc in Analytical Chemistry

Kings Lake university,CA. 2011-2012

Master Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Kings Lake University ,CA 2011-2012

Jan 2012Jan 2015

PhD in Analytical Chemistry

Kings Lake University,CA.2013-2015

PhD Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Kings Lake University 2013-2015



As I am a PhD in analytical chemistry I can get the data, process it and give  the result immediately . In my daily work I am treating with super dangerous chemicals as (glycerin and trinitrotoluene,Thiocyanate..etc) so I have to keep the labs and environment safe and pure. When I get the data I am working very fast and very hard to analyse every tiny part to get a right responding in short time. 


To be a chemical supervisor means to be a strong command .You have to be patient but there is no time to do mistakes.In my work I am keen to training my staff about new chemicals compounds safety and helping them to know more about everything new in my field. 

STEM Advisor

  Learning people how to apply the STEM strategy which means how to use Science,Technology,Engineering and Math in our life by the modeling of the principles and rules to make the ideas easy and simple.


(You can`t work alone specially in the field of chemicals) this is my academic advisor advice .In my work you have to make or attend to a group mostly to get a result and treat the data as soon as possible.I am working as a supervisor in a team of chemists around,so we help each other and support the team to make success for all .


 I have done many interviews through the television. It was about talent and creativity and STEM applying in our day life.I can speak fluently in the chemical field .