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Dr. George DeCarvalho, a businessman and doctor with expertise in both management and chiropractic medicine, has owned a number of rehabilitation centers where he has attended to more than 1,500 patients over the course of 12 years. Dr. George DeCarvalho has enjoyed great entrepreneurial prosperity since 2001. He successfully opened a chiropractic office in New York and then, after four years of treating patients there, expanded his practice by opening a new office in Connecticut. Over the following four years, profound growth of the new office required Dr. George DeCarvalho to focus solely on that office. In addition to managing his practices and performing necessary administrative duties, Dr. George DeCarvalho's specialization involves diagnosing and attending to whiplash and sports injuries.Dr. George DeCarvalho began his professional life as a civil technician in New Rochelle, New York, where he ascertained that all public construction followed city guidelines. In June of 1991, he left work in order to attend NYU's Polytechnic Institute, from which he attained a Master's degree in Management Science with a concentration in administration. Dr. George DeCarvalho continued his education at the New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, and he graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractics in July of 2000.After obtaining his doctorate, Dr. George DeCarvalho began a rewarding chiropractic career. He opened an office in Scarsdale, New York, where he cared for patients and regulated office operations such as marketing and management. In 2004, Dr. George DeCarvalho decided to expand his practice and co-founded Buena Vista Spine and Rehab in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As owner and partner of his new practice, Dr. George DeCarvalho took on numerous responsibilities, including overseeing automobile litigation cases (mainly by maintaining contact with and presenting treatment reports to attorneys and insurance companies) and managing patient chiropractic care. Besides facilitating impressive rates of recovery for his patients, he has always ensured they were referred to qualified specialists for any further treatment needed.

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Jul 2000Apr 2008

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. George DeCarvalho


Jan 1994Jul 2000

Doctorate Degree

New York Chiropractic College