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Using these combined experiences, I am now seeking to put them to work in a leadership or technical role for a savvy fortune 500 company, ideally building and coordinating teams toward better results in multiple and virtual office environments, including offshore development.



As a web entrepreneur serving web entrepreneurs, I have seen, heard and developed numerous applications in the last 15 years ranging from online classifieds, early social networks, seo engines, utilities and member management systems.

Serving as both a CTO and CEO for two different start up companies over the last 7 years, I have managed teams of programmers, marketers and office personnel, using strategic meeting and mentoring craft to maximize the contribution from each individual and the bottom line results in the company.

I have utilized a wide variety of technical skills and usability and business logic to create solutions to real-world problems using the web and the mobile web as an interactive canvas.

My technical expertise includes:

Perl, Php, MySql, HTML JavaScript, Ajax, DBA, Data Parsing, Linux, Server Clustering, System Administration, Windows Programs, Networking, CVS, API's: XML, JSON, Mobile Web: WAP, iui for Webkit Mobile Apps.

My web application business expertise includes:

Business Plan Development, Usability Engineering, Project Management, Intensive SEO Strategies, CMS and CRM Development, Web Framework Development, Business Strategy Consultation, Crowdsourcing Strategies, Social Media Development Consultation, Mobile Audio Strategies, Online Marketing, Business Blogging, Offshore Development Management, and Business Process Administration



Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Founder and CEO

CelleCast Inc

Started CelleCast from a concept in 2004 and launched in November 2007 after seeing new media trends converging as expected. CelleCast carries over 50 programs and we are developing more media partnerships around the country, Our interactive messaging and advertising tools are patent pending and gaining interest quickly throughout the radio and podcasting industries. Talk back to the show hosts, send CelleGrams and build an interactive listener community with both audio and written forum posts. We are starting with premium talk radio, and expanding to corporate and other realms.

Jan 1996Present


CGI Productions

"Web Enabling the World of Business" has been more than a tagline to me in starting up this business. We have delivered on it as our passion to enable SMB to automate processes, expand markets, build accountable information systems, innovate, and gain the edge over their competitors. Along with that tagline, we often found ourselves saying, "If you can imagine it, we can do it". There has been no limitation to what I and our team could accomplish. 

Partial portfolio available at:

I bring those same skills to individual companies as their trusted overall webmaster, web project manager, and online marketing consultant. What I have done for many, I want to do in a highly focussed manner for 1 large company full time.

Jan 2001Present


CGI Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Living overseas from 2001 to 2003, I developed an offshore private limited company to handle outsourced operations for CGI Productions back in the US, visiting 1-2 times a year going forward.

I personally trained 7 programmers over the years to work to high development standards, teaching them php, best practices for database management, design, and usability.

Jan 2002Aug 2006


Coracle Inc
I was the primary web developer for Coracle's properties, including:, and 'everyotherstate' where we built free interactive classifieds with category sponsorships that effectively boosted SEO value for our clients. We built elaborate site building tools, and managed a robust custom built CMS database and spidering tools to prove SEO performance.