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Drew Hancock

Maintenance, Facilities and Security Contracting

Work experience


Maintenance Director

Eastside Gardens Assisted Living

As the Maintenance Director, it was my responsibility to oversee the day to day requirements of the Maintenance, Safety and Housekeeping Departments. 

The Maintenance Director is also responsible for managing the schedule, staff, budgets, preventive maintenance planning and quality of work performed by the Maintenance and Housekeeping staff. 

Additionally, I managed the scheduling, staffing needs, budgets, preventive maintenance planning and quality of work performed by the Maintenance and Housekeeping staff. 

Typical daily responsibilities include the preparation of residential apartments for new occupants.  This often required drywall, plumbing and electrical repair, new paint, carpet and vinyl cleaning or replacement. 

The Maintenance Director ensures the property is constantly well maintained by securing/managing contractors to mow, sweep and trim trees and shrubs as necessary. 

Daily walkthroughs of the building exterior and interior as well as constant equipment inspection was crucial for preventive and ongoing quality control. 

As the Maintenance Director, it was my responsibility to keep accurate maintenance records of work done, inventory and purchasing to accomplish any of the requirements listed above.



Habitat for Humanity International

As Manager of Knowledge and Learning Technologies, my focus was the day to day operations of "My.Habitat", which is Habitat for Humanity's intranet/extranet platform used to distribute information, learning and communications resources to staff, members of affiliated organizations and volunteers. Some of my primary responsibilities included:

As part of annual planning processes, work with Subject Matter Experts to define priorities for feature enhancements and processes for publishing content on MH. 

Assist in defining or replacing Subject Matter Experts as required and as part of the planning process. 

Use reliable processes for assessing needs, designing My. Habitat technology solutions, publishing content and define taxonomy for tagging resources.

Provide initial training and on-going coaching for publishers in areas of their specific“ topic home page” design and content for My. Habitat. 

Ensure that quality standards for selection of content, writing and editing were consistently achieved by monitoring sites to determine if content needed to be updated or deleted.

 Manage the daily functional administration of the My.Habitat publishers Sharepoint 2010 team sites and delegate issues that required immediate attention.

Conduct constant usability research and interview users to assess frequency of use, the degree to which My. Habitat is meeting expectations and define priorities for enhancements. 

I served as a top level advisor for the available learning technologies and ensured that resources for selected content areas within the intranet were integrated appropriately with other learning and communications strategies.

Lastly, as a liason between the Communications and Organizational Development departments, I was tasked with ensuring the overall site design adhered to Habitat's branding standards.


Senior Webmaster

Habitat for Humanity International

As the Webmaster, my responsibilities were extensive and crossed several divisions as listed below:

• I served as Steering Committee Chairman - Lead committee of all major stakeholders to establish priorities and oversee funding for My.Habitat (award winning* combination intranet/extranet serving 30,000 users in 89 countries).

• Project Development and Management- Led requirements analysis and design approval for both My.Habitat 1.0 and 2.0.

• System Acceptance- Led extensive Beta tests for My.Habitat 1.0 and 2.0 to ensure consistent branding and usability standards.

• Executive Liaison - Reported on My.Habitat directly to it's divisional sponsors (Habitat's Vice Presidents).

• Technical Liaison - Coordinated creative and technical teams to ensure that HFHI internet strategies, branding issues and user needs create a consistent and effective user experience. 

• Policy Enforcement - Managed the creation, implementation and monitoring of system usability, branding and design guidelines.

• Content Management- Managed publishing processes, topic and tag creation, publishing sites and content library for the InSite/Intranet content collection on My.Habitat. 

•Technical Support - Second level support for technical issues related to My.Habitat

• Administration - Manage the registration and user administration processes for user access to My.Habitat. Trains the Affiliate Support Center on user administration tools.


Utility Locator

Byers Engineering

Utility Locator, ensuring the safety of underground utilities during excavation by marking and plotting all underground power, cable, water, gas, phone and sewer lines.




Central Piedmont Community College

Small Business Management and Finance

Certification - CPR

Red Cross

CPR Certified

Certification - Fire and Emergency Safety and Planning

GA Fire Marshall

Certified in all aspects of planning and response of residential safety including fire, chemical and natural disasters