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Charitable Affiliations

Volunteered on several mission trips with local churches to provide oral health care and treatment, prevention and education to in-need communities and rural developing villages in Central America.

Groups and Associations

American Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, N.W. District Dental Society


Based in Georgia, Dr. Douglas Deuchar has an extensive history in the field of dentistry. After receiving his BS in Biology, Dr. Deuchar earned his DMD from the Medical College of Georgia’s School of Dentistry. He began his career with associate positions in various private practices, and in 1998, Dr. Douglas Deuchar opened his own office, Deuchar Family Dentistry, where he and his staff remain committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care. Dr. Deuchar and his office staff pride themselves on their grasp of modern dentistry and dental solutions, and they consistently strive to further their own knowledge by attending seminars to learn about the latest techniques in dentistry. Dr. Deuchar’s practice emphasizes teamwork, education, and a superior standard of care in which the patient remains involved in the treatment process. With that goal in mind, Dr. Deuchar and his staff continue to ensure that each patient is thoroughly informed about available options, including preventive care that can ultimately save unnecessary time and expense. Dr. Douglas Deuchar is a strong believer in the importance of maintaining connections with professional organizations. These affiliations give him the opportunity to interact with other members of his field for the purpose of sharing and developing ideas to improve patient care and overall dental health. He is active with the International Team for Implantology, the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, and Georgia’s N.W. District Dental Society. Dr. Douglas Deuchar also utilizes his skills as a volunteer with local church groups, providing oral health care, treatment, education, and prevention to rural and developing communities and villages in Central America.

Work experience

Jan 1998Present


Deuchar Dentistry

Established in 1998, Deuchar Dentistry is a family and cosmetic dentistry commited to your oral health and hygiene. It is our desire to care fory our needs while educating you in modern conservative solutions for dental care. Our practice is proud of the dentistry that we provide for you and your family. Our goal is to not just correct any dental problems you may have, but to show you how to prevent dental disease in the future to save you time and unnecessary expense. The long term success of the dental treatment we provide for you depends upon your continuing home care of your teeth and gums. Regular professional exams and cleanings should be scheduled 6 months apart, and in some cases 3-4 months apart depending on your oral health. Our practice cares about people. We are patient centered; and, through teamwork, education and superior standard of care, we strive to eliminate dental disease and provide patients with all possible means to total wellness ind dental health. From your first phone call to schedule an appointment that accommodates your personal needs, our business staff is there to help you.


Dr. Deuchar has been a resident of Georgia since 1982. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Biology, Dr. Deuchar attended the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry, from 1992-1996. Upon graduation Dr. Deuchar held associate positions in private practices until he opened his own practice in December 1998. Dr. Deuchar believes that professional memberships are a vital part of dentistry. It gives him an opportunity to share ideas and develop more effective ways to give you a healthy smile. Dr. Deuchar and his staff attend numerous continuing education seminars to provide you with the latest techniques.



University of Georgia


Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry