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Dr. David I. Cohen has had a long and illustrious medical career in the seemingly impossible search for a cure for HIV and cancer. His work has focused on researching HIV and cancer, two of the worst scourges on humans in the modern world. Dr. David I. Cohen’s research has focused on blocking the diseases at the earliest stages by developing vaccines that prevent them..

Dr. Cohen’s pedigree in vaccine research stems from the laboratory of Dr. John Enders, the Nobel laureate for his contributions to a polio vaccine, where Dr. Cohen as only a medical student began his scientific career.  Students from Dr. Enders laboratory developed the measles vaccines, which has saved an estimated 100 million lives, and provided critical steps toward the development of vaccines for chicken pox, influenza, mumps and bacterial pneumonia. Dr. Cohen, along with several other students of the Enders laboratory, focused on a developing a vaccine for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Dr. Cohen’s research is focused on changing the modern “plague” into another disease that we control through standard public health vaccination procedures. Dr. Cohen’s first breakthrough towards an AIDS vaccine involved a protein called Tat that he theorized subverted the body’s immune system away from being able to fight off the virus. This AIDS protein prevents vaccines from working. Dr. Cohen discovered ways to control and reverse the subversion. His most recent vaccine research adds several new paradigms in vaccine production that could be used as part of an effective AIDS vaccine as well as in other vaccines.  This requires a collaborative approach, as used in the Enders laboratory, where the science is put above the self for the betterment of humanity.

Dr. Cohen has not only focused on HIV throughout his medical career. He has also worked at length to find treatments for cancer, and has filed multiple patents for metastatic breast cancer clinical and pre-clinical trials. This work was subsequently advanced at a private entity that Dr. Cohen founded: InIst, with subsequent work performed at Nanirx which Dr. Cohen ran between 2007 and 2010 as its president.

Dr. David I. Cohen earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Harvard University, where he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and finished with summa cum laude honors. He also completed his medical studies at Harvard as well.

Dr. Cohen spent twenty years at the National Institute of Health where he was in charge of immunology research laboratories and poured his efforts into a potential cancer vaccine, as well as HIV vaccines. He then moved to Queens College where he was appointed Director of Research for an ambitious program researching HIV and cancer.  

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