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Concordia University

Jul 2006Jun 2010

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Thesis: Does Diversification Create or Dissipate value?

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Jul 1972Jun 1974

Master's in Management

Dissertation: Financing Large Projects under Conditions of Extreme Uncertainty

National Institute of Engineering Mysore

Jun 1965May 1970

Bachelor of Engineering

Project: Reducing Transmission and Distribution Losses to < 5%.

Work experience



Director of Research and Development

Strategic implementation of new initiatives

RIMS, Alliance Business Academy and University of Nottingham

Aug 1998Jul 2014

Executive Vice President, Director, and Distinguished Professor of Strategy & Marketing

300% revenue increase and 20% cost reduction in 3 years at RIMS.

1500% revenue increase and 35% cost reduction in 10 years at Alliance.

4 national and 3 international accreditations.

7 international quality awards.

Education Leader of the Year 2012 (

Management Teaching Excellence Award 2012 (ACBSP)

Rated No.1 in teaching for 14 consecutive years.

EID Parry India Limited

Jul 1974Jun 1998

CEO, VP (Strategy), VP (Quality), GM (Marketing)

600% revenue increase and 1400% profit enhancement in 5 years as CEO.

Successful implementation of cost leadership + differentiation strategies.

Led two business units to Deming Award for Quality.

Executive of the Year for 7 consecutive years.


Operational Efficiency

Ability to cut costs and improve productivity without compromise. Maximum cost reduction achieved: 75% over 10 years. Productivity improvement: 100% in 7 years.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Expert in TQM, Lean, and Six Sigma design and implementation. Acknowledged authority in education accreditation. 5 TQM, 3 Lean, and 1 Six Sigma implementations.

Talent Management

Passionate about people development. Developed 9 CEOs and 5 Deans.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Adept at integrated strategies that combine the benefits of cost leadership and differentiation. Successful implementation in 7 business units.


Chartered Management Institute UK

May 2013Apr 2023


Harvard Business School

Apr 2003Mar 2023

Participant Centered Learning

IMD Switzerland

May 2005Present

Advanced Management Program

What I am

I am a servant leader passionate about developing others to reach their full potential.

I wish to be the change that I want to see in the world.

I am a values based value creator.


DR RAMANI Former Vice Chancellor Kanchi Global University

"In all my years as an academic, I have not come across anyone comparable to BVK in sheer versatility, brilliance in execution, and dedication to organizational mission and values."

DR MANOJ PANDEY Data Scientist Microsoft

"Dr BVK is an outstanding professional with a deep commitment to values and principles. He epitomizes what each one of us would want to become but cannot."