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As a professional in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Laith Barnouti works in clinics and hospitals within and around the Australian city of Sydney.. He attends medical conferences and studies the newest advances in the field, which he then incorporates into his practice. He is skilful in using science and art in such a way that results in a more natural looking appearance to his patients. The patients who come to him for cosmetic surgery have very personal needs and requirements and he takes the time to listen to them and understand their concerns before he recommends a certain type of surgical treatment.He takes his work very seriously and carefully fits the needs of each of his clients to the desired result. He is thoroughly qualified and experienced in every plastic surgery technique, such as reshaping the breast, changing the contours of the face or redefining any area of the body. By making desired changes in the bodies of his patients, he is able to help them build self confidence and improve their self image.

Creating Beauty Through Plastic Surgery

Through cosmetic surgery, a skilled specialist is able to create beauty while improving on the existing features of patients. Dr. Laith Barnouti accomplishes both as he takes special care with his patients to provide an outcome that leaves only a short scar through minimal invasion. Although some of his most widely requested services are breast augmentation and face lifts, his skills cover the entire range of cosmetic surgery including buttocks lifts, fat transfer, tummy tucks, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, liposuction and labia surgery. He has created four crucial points for himself that he tries to fulfil with every procedure that he carries out. The first point is to carry out the surgery in such a way as to leave only a small scar. His second point is to communicate effectively with his clients to be sure that he understands their fears and expectations. The third point is to personally stay in tune with all technical advances in plastic surgery and finally to practice according to all safety regulations and industry standards.

Professional Organisations and Degrees

As a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Laith Barnouti is a valuable source of information that he shares freely with others in the medical profession. He regularly publishes his findings in his own literature as well as through the media. He has earned an MBBS in the specialty of plastic surgery as well as a FRACS and he also received an international fellowship from Akademiklinken, Sweden in advanced studies for breast augmentation and reshaping surgery. He attended many highly respected institutes in the world to learn the most advanced cosmetic and aesthetic surgery techniques including the Belgium Facelift Centre and the Pitanguy Institute of Plastic Surgery in Rio, Brazil. He holds membership in important professional organisations where he shares his knowledge and learns from others such as theAustralian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.He currently works out of private hospitals and clinics in Sydney as well as in regional public hospitals.

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