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Media personality, motivational speaker, and health care professional, Dr. Asa Andrew is the author of Empowering Your Health, a book that guides readers in redesigning their lifestyles for the better. Committed to the happiness and well-being of others, Dr. Asa Andrew also presents his insight as the host of Dr. Asa ON CALL. Within the program, Dr. Asa Andrew receives calls from individuals with a variety of concerns, from difficulties negotiating their stress levels to managing their romantic relationships. Many callers also inquire about depression, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Employing a pragmatic approach, Dr. Asa Andrew helps people develop sustainable coping mechanisms for their issues. Dr. Asa Andrew further shares his knowledge in live presentations that cover topics including disease prevention, diet management, and healthy workplace philosophy. Employing a multifaceted approach to medicine, Dr. Asa Andrew leads people into improved health using a model he deems the “Health Triangle,” which is comprised of mental, chemical, and structural elements. Dr. Asa Andrew’s whole-body philosophy draws from his studies in a long list of disciplines, among them practices of acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, and physical therapy. He embarked on his current career path following a period in his own life in which he recognized the need for new choices. While pursuing studies in medicine, he worked as a member of a motivational strength and speaking team. As the smallest member of the group, Dr. Asa Andrew endeavored to increase his size through a surplus of caloric intake and began to experience several negative effects, including fainting, sweating in his sleep, and constant fatigue. He consulted a physician, who diagnosed him with the early signs of diabetes. From then on, Dr. Asa Andrew dedicated his day-to-day life to defeating these symptoms and eventually sought to share what he learned with others. Today, Dr. Asa Andrew reaches people across America in every venue and forum he can. In addition to offering advice on the radio and through speeches, he collaborates with the MY PLP (Preferred Local Provider) Network, a group that connects individuals with a variety of healthful resources that embody Dr. Asa Andrew’s ideas. To learn more about Dr. Asa Andrew or submit a wellness question, visit


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