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University of Western Ontario

Work experience




Arlene Holek, MD, possesses more than two decades of experience in primary eye care and consultations in medical ophthalmology. She refers patients with surgical problems to an ophthalmologist with the appropriate training and skills in a timely fashion. A medical graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Holek currently maintains a private practice serving individuals and families in Hamilton, Ontario. Arlene Holek, MD, places an emphasis on overall wellness and life balance in her practice, prescribing medication or surgery only when necessary. That philosophy, along with her commitment to quality and service, has generated favorable word-of-mouth for her office, which has flourished on referrals. In 2011, the Province of Ontario found that her practice had delivered care that met government objectives among 100 percent of the diabetic patients surveyed. Apart from her career, Arlene Holek, MD, devotes much of her free time to the sport of figure skating. A two-time Canadian National Adult Figure Skating Champion in ladies’ singles and ice dance competitions, she serves as a Trial Judge for Skate Canada and is on the Board of Directors of the Wentworth Figure Skating Club.


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I am the Canadian National Adult Figure Skating Champion 2008 (singles) and 2011 (ice dance) On

the Board of Directors of the Wentworth Figure Skating Club. I am a Skate Canada Trial Judge I have taught in Mississauga, Ontario's Learn to Skate programme and have helped coach Timbit Hockey the first year my son played.

Charitable Activities

Long time supporter of Unicef and the Salvation Army